This Massive Unimog U500 Is the Ultimate Insane Mercedes Pickup Truck

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The Unimog is the craziest pickup truck ever -- and specifically this Unimog, which is the ultimate truck. Today I'm reviewing this Unimog, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Unimog. I'm also going to drive the Unimog and review the driving experience of one of the most unbelievable trucks in history.
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  • Nice truck for museum to show

    Jimmy F.X.Jimmy F.X.49 perccel
  • *1)* By using the *"donkey-switch"* you can drive at a lower speed with the same engine speed. Then you can for example use certain attachments or increase the pulling force, the *"rabbit-switch"* is used for normal *road operation* *2)* The *button over the left power window switch* is for using *rotating beacons / lightbars* (by the way: the switch right of it is to switch on the *power take-off* - that transfers mechanical power from the engine to other equipment) *3)* _..."the button that looks like a tire hanging on a pole"..._ is simply the *mirror heating.* It is really embarrassing when you cannot interpret even the simplest symbols (for which even an average intelligent person does not need any operating instructions) and which Mercedes has made especially understandable for *every* one... And - by the way: This is *no* "pickup truck" but a *truck!* Or do you seriously mean, this vehicle would comparable with vehicles like a Ford F350, Dodge Ram, or Chevy Silverado...??? It has a reason, why the vehicle papers identify the Unimog as a *truck* in Germany, while *pickup trucks* here simply called *cars* (and so also usually identified as such in their vehicle papers). But at the latest when it comes to *air brakes,* and *the tipper,* it should be clear also to the last ignorant that it is a real *truck* - in this case even a three-way tipper (I´m not sure if this is the right translation for it - in Germany it´s called "Dreiseitenkipper", that means that the charge can be tipped off in 3 directions: to backwards, to the left, and to the right)! A short extra-info to the *name* of the Unimog ( which is an *acronym:* ), and the development of this *truck:* *Unimog* means *UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät* (what translated means *Universal motor device* - this is exceptionally exactly the same meaning as in German / this is also the German wording) and was conceived immediately after the Second World War, originally as a purely agricultural vehicle. But very soon the Unimog turned into a special type of truck for military use, municipal use, forestry, and countless purposes of use more - *worldwide.* In the USA this truck so would be named Unimod, if the name components would be converted 1:1 into an English name. And - last but not least - the "power connections" (...) at the front and on the back: These are *hydraulic* connections, for connecting *hydraulic* attachments and / or operating external *hydraulic* devices such as log splitters, earth drills, and countless more things!!! *Holy crap...* - that all really nearly *hurt* me...!

    Arschkarten PauleArschkarten Paule3 órája
  • They also left the window crank circle and hole there in case the power windows stopped working

    Zack BrownZack Brown3 órája
  • Jaja the Unimog ist funny, but is a hard work truck. Is a very strong vehicle.

    Jose Fernando Madriz ArceJose Fernando Madriz Arce4 órája
  • I'd say the f650 is better because it has much more comfortable and reasonable rear seats than the unimog. And more amenities too

    S7VAN Gaming And UnboxingS7VAN Gaming And Unboxing9 órája
  • You definitely need to come to Germany, to the Unimog Museum, and test the newer Mercedes Unimog of the U-5000 series. The Motto of the Unimog is : we can go almost anywhere in the world and where we can't go you definitely need a boat or Plane.

    Christoph FriedrichChristoph Friedrich9 órája
  • waiting for doug to start reviewing military tanks

    Miguel MotaMiguel Mota10 órája
  • I’ve used a Unmog for work and there’s absolutely nothing better when the going gets though, except maybe a tractor, however that doesn’t offer the utility of a Unimog. We always compare vehicles by how bad a place you can get t stuck in, and this just takes the cake. Also the power outlets Doug is presenting seem to be hydraulic, not electric

    Anders TomperiAnders Tomperi12 órája
  • its not that funny....nobody cleaned the coffee stain off the steering wheel

    SwingerVicSwingerVic15 órája
  • Ugly ass truck lmao.

    Dirty JavierDirty Javier16 órája
  • You have to review the sherp. Its amphibious!

    Leslie VernonLeslie Vernon16 órája
  • Hey Doug, those are not electrical connections on the front and rear. Those are hydraulic connections.

    Chase GipsonChase Gipson17 órája
  • I sound the same when I’m trying to tell a funny joke

    Crypt OCrypt O19 órája
  • He is tall, but 'it' is taller

    Tiger StripesTiger Stripes21 órája
  • Gotta say, I do *love* a good old Mercy Unimog!!! The older ones (late 90s) were my fave ones... I’d love one to build into something mad!!!!

    Stig MartinStig Martin21 órája
  • those are not electric conections, they are hydraulical... too much missinfo for one video...

    nikola lastanikola lasta22 órája
  • FML stop being so excited.

    LokoLoko22 órája
  • I want 2

    Senor MoodySenor Moody23 órája
  • Disagree. F650 looks FAR more intimidating...

    Godchi1d Von SteubenGodchi1d Von SteubenNapja
  • Doug, that's not a "pick-up, " It's a "cab-over-engine (C.O.E.)" truck. Cab overs are not considered pickups. It's a dump truck...

    Godchi1d Von SteubenGodchi1d Von SteubenNapja
  • Dude, just roll the spare off the bed, not hard... It's getting the flat ON the truck that's an issue... for men with soft palms, anyway...

    Godchi1d Von SteubenGodchi1d Von SteubenNapja
  • All you need to say about the gear select is "it's a counter-intuitive manual"...

    Godchi1d Von SteubenGodchi1d Von SteubenNapja
  • The first button you didn't know, is for any warning light/siren installed, master power. The second button is for power side mirrors...

    Godchi1d Von SteubenGodchi1d Von SteubenNapja
  • That hanging tyre ... that's mirror heaters..

    Filip MarkovicFilip MarkovicNapja
  • He obviously has never rode in a semi

    Jess HixsonJess HixsonNapja
  • Imma tell you guys what the buttons mean if anyone cares. From top left to bottom right. Just the normal black buttons "Backup mode" - You drive back and forth to get the car unstuck from difficult terrain. As i understand with it, you can shift into reverse while driving forwards slowly(or vice versa) "Work/road" - gearing, as he said "Abs mode" - disables abs at low speeds for offroad use "beacon light" - I think there was simply none mounted on this truck "Gearbox driven aux drive"(difficult to translate) - Provides power from the gearbox to an attached device, a shredder or whatever "Work rpm/constant rpm" - specialized mode to run the engine at constant rpm. "heated mirrors" "Power windows" "Power windows" "Selector axle for Automatic tire pressure" - select front or rear axle, you can change the pressure separately "Tire pressure"

  • Without the unimog mercedes probably wouldn't exist today. Theres an interesting history there.

  • Reviews a unimog but takes a boring version. Like yall should see what we use them for in Germany. From cranes to snow plows to FUCKING TRAINS. We use them for everything

    never go full Ponynever go full PonyNapja
  • Multipla vibes anyone?

  • Donkey and bunny are for high and low idle

    Scott HanksScott HanksNapja
  • ....[SLAP]

    Steven EversoleSteven EversoleNapja
  • 5 bucks I’ll give you 5 bucks for it

    emaciated !HOTROD!emaciated !HOTROD!Napja
  • I'm pretty sure that you need a CDL to drive that thing

    Luis SantiagoLuis SantiagoNapja
  • My dad drove a 70s Unimog as part of his job. I loved the catalog with all the attachments you could order (his employer, the town we lived in, of course had only a snowplow and a salt spreader… but the salt spreader was coupled to the Unimog's engine… that's what Unimog's strong suit is). No way to get speeding ticket in a truck that does up to 70… when the speed limit on the highway is 55 in much of the US (not to mention on other roads than the highway).

    Jürgen ErhardJürgen ErhardNapja
  • awesome vehicle

    noah mccormicknoah mccormickNapja
  • dear Doug - have a look at that video and you will find out what you missed ;-) (by the way it is in English)

    Chris T.Chris T.Napja
  • What about cleaning the vehicle before the review?

    Greg MarchegianiGreg MarchegianiNapja
  • ....the shiftingsystem called „telligent“ or EPS.... every European Truckdriver knows how to use it... that was standard in Mercedes commercial vehicles 20years ago;)

    Diesel Buddys at Geissler TransporteDiesel Buddys at Geissler TransporteNapja
  • You forgot about moving the steering wheel to the other side:

    Honest HarryHonest Harry2 napja
  • It's so delightful that I myself laugh by seeing Doug being so happy!

    ManachtronManachtron2 napja
  • There is no any reason to laugh 😕😕😕

    حسام الحافظ HUSAM AL HAFIDHحسام الحافظ HUSAM AL HAFIDH2 napja
  • His excitement is immeasurable and my day is unbothered

    SultanHDSultanHD2 napja
  • Anyone noticed that the logo was broken on the steering wheel?

  • Doug looks TINY...

    JM IglesiasJM Iglesias2 napja
  • Plz do 0-62 mph stupid

    GioGio2 napja
  • This was a very bittersweet video. It is obvious that Doug doesn't know much about commercial/farm/work type vehicles because a lot of this is pretty obvious in those regards. He was "kinda" right about some things and just didn't know about others, but he did acknowledge that so not hating on him for not knowing (excluding a few things like the "electrical" connectors not having anything to do with electrical at all). This is how I would expect my kid to act climbing in a fire truck. Lots of cool things he generally kind of understands, but mostly just sheer giddy excitement. There are very few examples of seeing a car guy review a Unimog so this is still entertaining in many ways. I liked the video overall, just keep in mind you don't want to use this as a reference to what a Unimog actually does. Things like the Doug Score are fundamentally flawed here since the purpose and utility of this "truck" are not represented in the Doug Score and the score instead focuses on things that don't apply to the purpose of a Unimog. Interesting and cool to see, just misses the entire point of the vehicle. It is built to get a huge range of stuff done in any area you need. Not to look cool, have fun, or just to get you from one place to another.

    Rick HolleyRick Holley2 napja
  • Does Doug have a class B?

    Ronnie PaulRonnie Paul2 napja
  • Fun fact: the name "UNIMOG" is abbreviated German for "UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät", which translates to - you guessed it - "universal engine(-powered) device"

    computerschreckcomputerschreck2 napja
  • Ultimate snowboarding vehicle...

    josiahctjosiahct2 napja
  • I'm pretty sure those hookups are pneumatic, not electrical

    Stephen TurleyStephen Turley2 napja
  • Thats a city horn. And its a mix of Mercedes and Freightliner crap.

    David CumminsDavid Cummins2 napja
  • C H O N K Y

    Ketan RamtekeKetan Ramteke2 napja
  • Doug pointed out the PS on the plate but not the 1984! Quite applicable nowadays!

    TheCounty90TheCounty902 napja
  • calm the fuck down it's just a large vehicle

    TooploopTooploop2 napja
  • Doug couldn't stop giggling

    Brian LusiolaBrian Lusiola2 napja
  • If you want to compare this to anything US, then International CTX is the closes you have. The Unimog is just way more advanced.

    FetgufFetguf2 napja
  • Car reviewer reviewing a little truck as if its a big rig funny

    kenny wrightkenny wright2 napja
  • Was Doug huffing nitrous oxide during this review? - the constant silly giggling was just irritating.

    MondoMondo2 napja
    • I think he was just really enamored with this truck

      onometreonometre16 órája
  • what an idiot try driving a 70s unimog doka and oh and that is what a crew cab is called on a unimog its a doka for unimog people and standards do your homework why are you always wrong on cars its just odd is it a joke

    Crystal MarinelliCrystal Marinelli2 napja
  • so what would you call this transmission? semi-automatic?

    Hani the HimboHani the Himbo2 napja
    • a pre-selection manual transmission, like he said in the video. flog

      William CampbellWilliam Campbell17 órája
  • I don’t need this, I don’t need this.. *i need it*

    V0VV0V2 napja
  • Aww... Doug's in love!

    John PhillipsJohn Phillips2 napja
  • Very normal for anyone with a cdl. I find this video annoying. Get out a little man.

    Josh NeffJosh Neff2 napja
  • Europeans: Americans make giant fat cars! Mercedes:

    Oliver KalamataOliver Kalamata2 napja
  • i think hes going to review it guys .....

    hamzah khawajahamzah khawaja2 napja
  • Why are you giggling so much..its so annoying 🤢

    rocky sharmarocky sharma2 napja
  • Imagine if he did a semi truck lol

    Joshua HahnJoshua Hahn2 napja
  • I don't like "Winter Doug". Should have stayed true to the double t-shirt/khaki shorts.

    Micheal TaylorMicheal Taylor2 napja
  • 6:47 My old Mk.1 Ford Fiesta had a horn button there as well. And that is where the similarity ends :-) It's quite a good place to have it, though, as you get more fine control over it, so you can just give a warning 'bip' rather than trying and failing to finesse the steering wheel pad and going 'BAAAAARP' and looking like a knob...

    The1trueDaveThe1trueDave2 napja
  • i dont think the problem is getting the spare tire off the bed, but rather getting the flat up into it or rather anything for that matter

    Nate ThinsNate Thins2 napja
  • It's surprisingly narrow given how tall and long it is.

    Strahan740iStrahan740i2 napja
  • Looks like the Tesla semi truck

    Tigran PlayzTigran Playz3 napja
  • 3:29 key thumb cover ;)

    AdiAdi3 napja
  • Hi, my dad works as a firefighter (and I'm on my way too, I'm turning 18 this year) so we work around trucks a bit. I don't have any experience with the Unimog, but all big trucks are kinda the same in some way or another. So I want to correct little details, I'm not hating, just setting the vibe straight >D 11:26 - pretty sure that's *heated side mirrors* you need great visibility, because that's the only way you see stuff behind you 20:29 - Oh boy, *getting that tire OFF* isn't the big deal here. You can easily roll it down. The big problem is to put the tire back up. Since the bed is hydraulically controlled, it's easy to put it up and down even yourself with just a ratchet strap. We, on our fire trucks, don't have that. If necessary, we leave the flat wheel on the side and continue with the new wheel in an emergency (fire truck duh xd) and we put the old one up with a tractor that has a front end loader. The tires are even higher on some fire trucks, like our T148 CAS 32. It's 3m (9.8 ft) above the ground. (And you tourqe the nut on the wheels to insane spec, there is a ton on them and you have to tighten them all 3 times, yes, thats a procedure, all of them 3 times with huge tourqe bar, and we have 6x6 trucks so that's a lot of work. (10nuts * 3times) *6wheels ) 21:30 - Pretty sure that's not electricity. It's *AIR* and maybe hydraulics. Air for the trailor as you mentioned in the cab. Not sure if it has external hydraulics (the bed has hyd. piston) but I'm 99% sure on the air. Love your vids! Greetings from Slovakia.

    yonDyonD3 napja
  • I never realized that Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are rare in America. Here in Europe, they're everywhere. Unimogs, buses, semis... they make everything. Although there's other brands you do see more often. Also, those power outlets you keep talking about are for hydraulics. They're for tools for the truck, not for you. You know, frontloader buckets, insecticide sprayers, snowplows, snowblowers, mowers, backhoe attachments, crane attachments, forklifts, that kind of thing. It's really more like a tractor than a truck. After all, Unimog is a portmanteau for "universal motorized tool" (in German). And that's exactly what it is. You can even get them with deployable train wheels, so they can travel on rails. This thing is a proper workhorse.

    ManWithBeard1990ManWithBeard19903 napja
  • The driving experience is like driving a 'Spaceship'....

    Chaula ChaulayaChaula Chaulaya3 napja
  • thIz is

    Juan Carlos GutiérrezJuan Carlos Gutiérrez3 napja
  • Quirks? What quirks?

    Over the hill DillOver the hill Dill3 napja
  • 11:23 In germany we have orange lights on the top of work trucks (like ambulance - but orange) 11:26 Mirror heater

    Kim Jong Un Dos TresKim Jong Un Dos Tres3 napja
  • Most unprofessional review EVER.Very annoying school girl giggles. Europe is colder than the U.S. Might be the reason for the heater settings. You said snowflake and I thought of you instantly. Grow up man.

    Stacy CrowleyStacy Crowley3 napja
  • " got to know what are you doing a little bit better, and I really don't" HAAAAAHAHAHAHAAH

    Ivan QuagliaIvan Quaglia3 napja
  • The "tire on a pole" looks like mirror heat to me. Important for cold days for condensation and ice. If you wipe off those mirrors once they'll get foggy again really quickly unless mirror heat is on which is a big no-no when you have work sites to go and back into on other people's property and obviously when you're driving on public roads.

    UndefinedUndefined3 napja
  • ...I'd find use cases for that car!

    Marcin BaranieckiMarcin Baraniecki3 napja
  • I tried watching the video but his nervous laughter made it a little too much for me.

    nel delnel del3 napja
  • These Plugs are for oil driven tools like the dump cylinder

    Katharina TKatharina T3 napja
  • Can’t take this guy seriously if he’s just laughing through out the whole video

    hector maderahector madera3 napja
  • Dude stop laughing like that it makes you look like an idiot Its annoying ...just saying

    Karmize CarmizeKarmize Carmize3 napja
  • pity about the guy laughing if its so funny why does it do everything so much better than a mac?

    baldoldbearbaldoldbear3 napja
  • 11:27 i think that may have to do with the mirrors

    Will Van VeelenWill Van Veelen3 napja
  • Thats so dumb to rate a unimog as a pickup

    Victor SteinfeldVictor Steinfeld3 napja
  • I think they use it in F1 for towing.

    Siddharth BajpaiSiddharth Bajpai3 napja
  • Props to Doug for not showing the key cuts. I see you.

    alex newellalex newell3 napja
  • what an irritating laugh

    Jimmy ZhaoJimmy Zhao3 napja
  • How do you get the spare tire out of the back of the truck? umm... Use the dump feature

    Jimmy ZhaoJimmy Zhao3 napja
  • doug had to have been high as shit during this lol

    Ankit ChoubeyAnkit Choubey3 napja
  • 6:04 What a beautiful place to film a video. Nice location doug, great view of the water

    Max RMax R3 napja
  • "Let's talk about the driving experience" he says as he's driving by second story windows...

    JustinJustin3 napja
  • you know you can speak slowly it's more enjoyable

    Janeil's PLAYGROUNDJaneil's PLAYGROUND3 napja
  • Wait...were you at ADESA Concord, MA?

    Christopher NicholsChristopher Nichols3 napja
  • Thhhhhhhhhiiiiiiisssss

    GυΔvΔGυΔvΔ3 napja