The New 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Is the Latest $350,000 Ultra-Luxury Sedan

2020.okt. 6.
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The new 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost is here -- and today I'm going to take you on a thorough tour of it. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Ghost, and I'll show you all the luxury items that distinguish the new 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost from everything else.

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  • It's not purple, it's "plum"...more fashion sense please!

    trackbiker1000trackbiker10006 órája
  • sometimes i wanna give doug a makeover sometimes i wanna sit there and just leave him as he is

    Mo RamadanMo Ramadan8 órája
  • Just got mine today !

    Toxic ZottiToxic Zotti8 órája
  • Doug If you dont drive some car. Please write first impressions in the video title. Otherwise its feels like a clickbait for 1st video views.

    monarch vancedmonarch vanced10 órája
  • Taillights garbage, my 2000 civic coupe taillights looks better

    John NguyenJohn Nguyen19 órája
  • Dude who tf would own a rolls and not tint the windows

    Noah LawrenceNoah Lawrence21 órája
  • No rear massage seats?

    Stories That MatterStories That MatterNapja
  • In my business, the people making good money have to keep their nice cars out of sight, they only cause problems. If you drive around a new Rolls your customers will think they are buying way too high from you, and should be going around you and buying from whoever you are buying from. Your suppliers will think they are selling way too low to you, and should go around you and sell to whoever you are selling to. Your employees will think they're not getting paid enough. Your competitors will be angry and jealous, and try to figure out how they can steal your business away from you. Your co-workers will also be jealous and angry. It would pretty much piss off anyone you have any kind of business association with.

  • good luck cleaning the leather

    Nen FixNen FixNapja
  • I feel like it's illegal to watch this video for free

    snoopdworfsnoopdworf2 napja
  • I was about to say the seat has a stain, it was my cellphone screen 😭

    Jorge TalamantesJorge Talamantes3 napja
  • The most aristocratic car ever made

    thedavid00100thedavid001003 napja
  • My freinds use the back of my rolls royce picnic trays for rolling our blunts

    Maria RoblesMaria Robles4 napja
  • Doug: "One of the very first things you notice first is..." *doors close automatically* Me: THE DOORS CLOSE AUTOMATICALLY! Doug: "the carpet is very fluffy." Me: :-|

    TheCityTheCity4 napja
    • IKR!!

      DyshorehDyshoreh4 napja
  • I don’t know if it’s just that color or what, but it looks like way too normal of a car from the side and Bach view

    daniel55645daniel556454 napja
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    ariel estradaariel estrada4 napja
  • Imagine spending 350k on a car that has a plastic shifter. LOL

    Sergio MalcmanSergio Malcman4 napja
    • Definitely a flaw

      OG SchlongersonOG Schlongerson2 napja
  • People should pay just for watching her

    Bamo ShamalBamo Shamal5 napja
  • That umbrela is not purple, at all.

    MrRathelMrRathel6 napja
  • You should probably observe one of the Aurus models sometime ;)

    K KK K6 napja
  • He's so enthusiastic! You can tell he loves his job.

    Michaś BagietkaMichaś Bagietka7 napja
  • For 99% of us this video is just for “entertainment purposes only”

    Sgt_LoeraM1Sgt_LoeraM17 napja
  • When somebody calls you you can turn of music insainly smart. You dont have to ask your son or chauffeur.

    SobiX XiboSSobiX XiboS7 napja
  • I hate this car

    car kid spcar kid sp8 napja
  • Get my umbrella

    Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma8 napja
  • I thought he had all of these cars when I watched these in the earlier days,

    Derek LeeDerek Lee8 napja
  • Sometimes I get the feeling that doug is a cop and when he pulls someone over he offers to drop the ticket if he can review their car.

    Will StocksWill Stocks8 napja
  • the front looks like a camaro ugh

    Kukurikapu WeneklekKukurikapu Weneklek8 napja
  • No sunroof in a $300k car?! Instead, a stupid "star" roof like an 11 year designed it...

    MattMatt9 napja
  • 3:32 slight imperfection?

    Pete S.Pete S.9 napja
  • Awful colour for a rolls .. jumping in the nardo grey band wagon 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Shoots trueShoots true9 napja
  • Looks like indian skoda octavia

    Ansari OsamaAnsari Osama9 napja
  • The thumbs down ? PURE ENVY....😂😂😂

    Luciano BezerraLuciano Bezerra10 napja
  • Thiiiiissssss gagagaga. Always nice entry

  • Even in that colour it looked gorgeous. I'm sure they're changed the column gear changer if don't like it. Apart from that class.

    Brian BloomfoeldBrian Bloomfoeld12 napja
  • 5:35 wen der r more finger prints Dan foot prints😌

    Shiva PrasadShiva Prasad12 napja
  • Imagine paying $350K for a GHOST you can't see, that's expensive indeed.

    Muhammad Ibn KilabMuhammad Ibn Kilab12 napja
  • Even with a greasy t-shirt and shorts you look rich in this thing.

    AMAM13 napja
  • It look like the seat is ripped in 12:42

    Jay TJay T13 napja
  • For God sakes...put on some trousers.

    J TJ T13 napja
  • I love your HUworld channel Doug

    Otto SmithOtto Smith13 napja
  • I’d rather have a Tesla, way better features. Tesla’s features smoke any rolls Royce and it’s cheaper. Also it doesn’t use gas at all

    Amaziah Ya’ohsharalAmaziah Ya’ohsharal13 napja
  • No curtains at back doors 😣

    Yuvraj SolankiYuvraj Solanki13 napja
  • This is for sure the chrimson chin I can already see the mask ... lmfao or younger version of jay leno..either way awesome vid super awesome cars wich I will never other than In a video will ever get to see..

    El CEl C14 napja
  • RR charges hella for a “luxury” car that can close doors but, not open them! 🥴 most minivans nowadays door and close the door with a push of a button. 😂💀

    EduardoVasquezEduardoVasquez14 napja
  • It looks like a Mercedes from the back and Audi from the front

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻14 napja
  • It's $1.2 million in india 😑

    BotLiFE_M16 - Pubg MobileBotLiFE_M16 - Pubg Mobile14 napja
  • 2020 ghost owners watching like :(

    Jonathan CarlsonJonathan Carlson15 napja
  • 6:51 that gap between the panel and the headliner.

    Ge AndyGe Andy16 napja
  • As it turns out you can open the doors automatically. You just have to pull and hold the door opening lever and the door opens electronically so that you don't have to push the door on your 250,000 Rolls Royce

    Arnav TalrejaArnav Talreja16 napja
  • Check out my artist jashanah new songs..

    Tylek Entertainment!Tylek Entertainment!16 napja
  • cant wait until they swap over to an EV power train.

    James PahkJames Pahk16 napja
  • I like the old one better

    Speed UpSpeed Up16 napja
  • It's always amazing, what Doug is Amazed at....

    Charles MilsapsCharles Milsaps17 napja
  • Bentley: Rolls-Royce on steroids, low class. Rolls Royce: Bentley on ecstasy, low performance.

    Your neighborhood friendYour neighborhood friend17 napja
  • I'm not sure that I like their interior. Lots of piano black and those climate control buttons/dials look like something out of the '80s.

    J JonesJ Jones17 napja
  • give me a x5 any day

    Nikos KatsikanisNikos Katsikanis17 napja
  • Rack table located at the back lol

    Travis lineTravis line17 napja
  • He's so annoying.

    Austin GouldAustin Gould17 napja
  • No automatic climate control?! DEAL BREAKER FOR ME!

    An NgoAn Ngo17 napja
  • Ah yes, the Rolls Royce Ghost, the budget Rolls Royce. Instead of costing as much as two middle class houses, it only costs a bit over one typical middle class house

    yure luhayure luha17 napja
    • copied comment.

      do u know how to breathrdo u know how to breathr16 napja
  • The interior has such an amazing retro look with all the classic elegance a rolls Royce should have, and all the technology of today. And the v12 is just how it should be. I love this car, I’m picky as hell but I would buy this right away if I had that type of money lol

    Erika LangErika Lang18 napja
  • The best in the world again.

    santisizablesantisizable18 napja
  • You didn't show the refill tank which is made of plastic inside ...a huge blunder

    EYAN!EYAN!18 napja
  • One like is one demand for Doug to clean his dirty nails before reviewing his next Royce.

    nervsoulynervsouly18 napja
  • Phantom

    richard lopezrichard lopez19 napja
  • Love the purple accents. Love the purple seats that are available. Also two people walking to same side of car and opening doors😔

    Sammy JSammy J19 napja
  • I don’t think a ghost is for people who can’t afford a phantom. I think the ghost is more of a drivers car. Like S-Class vs E-Class .

    Herbert MarshallHerbert Marshall19 napja
  • It's ROLLS-ROYCE LOVER aso fortune all'series are available on our HUworld channel ❤️ let you check now let see and subscribe guys till 1M it's my dream I think it is only possible from you tube channel ❤️

  • 8:55 press mute and watch

    Patrick CullitonPatrick Culliton20 napja
  • Doug in 2034: “Why I bought a Rolls Royce Ghost”

    Griffin MeltonGriffin Melton20 napja
  • The 80 year old who buys this will need all this luxury, sad he will never watch Doug

    Manjunatha PrabhuManjunatha Prabhu20 napja
  • I don't see why someone spend all than money on a car like that.Any 25k Car looks better inside than this car.

    Arrays of StatsArrays of Stats22 napja
  • Uhhhh theres barely any change or difference with the 2021 y’all made Michel Kors look ordinary to Gucci to Lamborghinis and now rolls we can’t have anything 😫

    BꪖrB MaʀaJBꪖrB MaʀaJ22 napja
  • I love this car

    Joseph MiriglianoJoseph Mirigliano22 napja
  • 1:22 rolls royce owns bmw Bmw does not own rolls royce 😂😂

    Hamza YTHamza YT22 napja
  • Please stop selling your website on the intro. At least on cars that will not make it on your site. I want to tell my mom I want a RR to be funny and send her this link to laugh. I don't want her to be reminded that shorts and t shirts are a bad look

    Michael HamelMichael Hamel23 napja
  • The back of rolls royce is look like a Mercedes s class

    Debasish DebsinghaDebasish Debsingha23 napja
  • Proud owner. Nice car. Everyone that likes this comment will take on many blessings! God speed and prayers for all

    J A NerdJ A Nerd23 napja
  • Doug the kind of guy who doesn’t know why the spirit of ecstasy is lowered by owners - so he makes up a story about being ‘subtle’z

    Mast QalandarMast Qalandar23 napja
  • Champagne is a little gauche; too fizzy and too generic for a RR refrigerator these days. If one likes a little aperitif before luncheon or dinner, one chooses Sherry- Fino or Amontillado and enough room to accommodate Orson Welles..........

    Paul McLaughlinPaul McLaughlin23 napja
  • So 350k and I cannot adjust my desired temp in the cabin? wtf. You can buy a house with that money and will have the option to adjust temp in every room.

    Sebi GordanSebi Gordan23 napja
  • I do love his awkward cars and bids advert every time

    James McNeilJames McNeil23 napja
  • Stunning car. Dreadful colour and wheels though. Who would do that and chose that spec on such a beautiful car !!

    smxladsmxlad23 napja
  • Dougs the type of guy to put Diet rite in the cooler

    Vincent Does StuffVincent Does Stuff24 napja
  • one of the best looking vehicles in the world! gorgeously elegant

    Shaked LeviShaked Levi24 napja
  • That keyhole on the door is an absolute eyesore. My 2008 M5 has a better way of hiding the keyhole..

    Alex GrayAlex Gray25 napja
  • Plum. The color is plum, not purple. 😁🤣

    Frenchy SFrenchy S25 napja
  • I think that the polestar looks more of a Rolls-Royce. Make it a little bulkier and it looks like some rich person's limo from the future.

    n/a n/an/a n/a25 napja
  • S stradman

    Jatinder KaurJatinder Kaur25 napja
  • EettthhhhiiiiissssszZzzzzzz

    Ali ImrranAli Imrran25 napja
  • Doesn't it look a bit like a fancy Mercedes? The roofline, the weird little taillights etc. Like if Mercedes had continued making sharp edge cars instead of soaps :P

    Roger SkagerströmRoger Skagerström26 napja
  • that color is...... bad

    Chris PintoChris Pinto26 napja
  • 7:00 the stars look more like dust.

    Samuel ArnoldySamuel Arnoldy26 napja
    • Star dust 🌟 😳

      mark thomasmark thomas25 napja
  • Someone went to the Bentley school of Sedan design.

    Fernando MadronaFernando Madrona27 napja
  • You're literally the only person I've seen make this look like a car

    Judd OttoJudd Otto27 napja
  • Shows off $300,000 car wearing $3 worth of clothes

    Bucky FidenBucky Fiden27 napja
  • Looks like they copied my Cadillac XTS BODY.

    Tommy EdwardsTommy Edwards27 napja
  • Nice Rolls

    Quý TrungQuý Trung28 napja
  • i want to eat my mcdonald meal in that car

    PolokodelPolokodel28 napja