The Cadillac Allante Was a Quirky, Interesting Failure

2020.szept. 1.
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The Cadillac Allante is a quirky, interesting Italian/American luxury convertible -- and it was also a failure. Today I'm reviewing the Cadillac Allante, and I'm going to show you all around it -- and I'm also going to show why it failed. I'm also going to drive the Allante and review the driving experience.
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  • The idiotic scheme to build the bodies in Italy and fly them to Detroit was typically GM. Lol.

    RJ MacRJ Mac2 órája
  • The convertible roof operation is a big facepalm, considering Cadillac's from the 50's and 60's had a very efficent electric operating roof system

    Massimo AscoliMassimo Ascoli14 órája
  • 0:49 owned by *Tyler Hoovie*

    Orion GrandjeanOrion Grandjean15 órája
  • I am trying to remember ,but weren't the body made of aluminum ?

    Dick vankoughnettDick vankoughnett20 órája
  • "cARs aND BidS"

    Alexander van GelderenAlexander van Gelderen22 órája
  • 9:57 = coin slots?

    Jorge LJorge LNapja
  • Flying the bodies like that is why it probably failed.... the car could have been a lot more financially feasible if the body was made here!

    pbee73pbee732 napja
  • 4:55 I think you’ve got an oil leak lmaooooo

    Ian HinkleIan Hinkle2 napja
  • Good video Doug 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    James M.James M.3 napja
  • That's a shifter from a Chevy Cavalier. GM always had a knack for using parts from their cheapest line on their high engine e.g. the Corvette Z06 had cobalt engineer parts.

    Walter WhiteWalter White3 napja
  • That down/up mixer is actually a great idea.

    AZDuffmanAZDuffman3 napja
  • Funny you say this type of review doesn't do so well. I've yet to watch any of your current model reviews. Maybe they're good but your insights on the time and rationale of the designs is awesome and brings perspective I had no idea about. Like these cars were air cargoed across the world is mind boggling. In fact, the DougScore using current standards feels like a betrayal but as long as you're being consistent it doesn't matter. More of these please, and please do a playlist of just these. Funnily enough, YT algorithm only recommends the older ones, not current model reviews. To find these among your other reviews is not easy. But keep up the good work.

    Everard SantamarinaEverard Santamarina3 napja
  • fun fact: “Allante” is not a word in any language

    Benjamin FiliceBenjamin Filice3 napja
  • I had a teacher in College with one. She was probably around 50 and dressed way too young. I nicknamed her Cat Woman.

    Taelor WatsonTaelor Watson5 napja
  • "THEFT SYSTEM ARMED" - what? :D

    Jazz 1934Jazz 19349 napja
  • Doug is a Democrat

    Studio Werk VierStudio Werk Vier10 napja
  • They dropped one of these from a plane in Terminal Velocity I think it was.

    Calvin NickelCalvin Nickel13 napja
  • Flying the entire bodies from Italy to the US is the most ridiculous thing about this car. These mad lads actually did it. One would think "ok you really want to produce this in italy, how about transporting it by ship like any sane person would do?" but no, they just had to get above and beyond.

    Anatoly Stepanovich DyatlovAnatoly Stepanovich Dyatlov17 napja
  • Watch your mouth Doug, 1993 isn't 30 years ago (I was born in '93 hahaha)

    Adam ZiAdam Zi18 napja
  • Showing this car off next to a dumpster in a shady park seems fitting.

    Justin EvansJustin Evans20 napja
  • review that Cara that's on please

    TimchukTimchuk21 napja
  • I had a north star in an xlr cadillac, 2005. No puck up, i wonder what stuff he usually drives

    Doris WegnerDoris Wegner22 napja
  • You obviously don’t know that much about cars, because “Twilight Sentinel” has been around since even the 70s.

    TriPyramid PicturesTriPyramid Pictures22 napja
  • Thought these cars were so beautiful as a kid...I almost bought one a few years back, but went with a Jaguar XK8 instead, huge mistake!

    William DunnWilliam Dunn25 napja
  • The new Allante (while doing the Bundy Bounce)

    ChavoMysterioChavoMysterio27 napja
  • Very cool video. Thank you !

    caddymickeycaddymickey29 napja
  • I kinda love this car’s interior? Is something wrong with me?

    • That said, the exterior is hilariously meh, when you consider what went into building it!

  • So far I know, they're even sold in Germany through Opel dealerships But I NEVER seen one... 🤔

  • 105k wow

  • The water pump is a pain replace

    Justin HJustin HHónapja
  • Northstar.......HA......

    Anthony VanacoreAnthony VanacoreHónapja
  • I had a 1988 without the northstar engine and a different dash that was an awesome car,

    G JG JHónapja
  • Not even a feature in the Charlie Sheen movie "Terminal Velocity" could help it sell.. what the hell were they thinking putting that HUGE Northstar motor in that little car? It wasnt as bad as the Cadillac Cimarron though (you should review that bomb too..)

    Paradigm FusionParadigm FusionHónapja
  • Digital speedometers were a nightmare gm crap idea

    Mark GibsonMark GibsonHónapja
  • soon I will start my car collection - it will consist of just two cars - the one shown here + a Rolls Royce Camargue. Perfect fit.

    Georg ForsterGeorg ForsterHónapja
  • Ford made cars too

    Mark GibsonMark GibsonHónapja
  • why is is to a specific city but from just in Italy? did pininfarina change where they produced this over time or was it just some strange oversight of the creator?

    Name LessName LessHónapja
  • Thanks for doing these weird older cars despite the videos not doing so well.

    Gustavo FigueiredoGustavo FigueiredoHónapja
  • Kelly Bundy from "married with children" said "the new allante" 😁😁😁

    marcius marciukasmarcius marciukasHónapja
  • I guess the Bundy Bounce didn't work 🤣

  • first a little overview of the ALANTE

    Thel PhonThel PhonHónapja
  • RPM/100

  • GM is just such a sad company... LOL always excuses... "This was GM in the 90s" Now it's "This is GM in 2020, still sucking and cutting corners, making advances in years old technology"

  • I remember this car was featured on "Married With Children".

    Unpopular Popular OpinionUnpopular Popular OpinionHónapja
  • Thats why it was so technologically advanced because italy really just designed it gm just put the finishing touches on it

    Nintendo GamerNintendo GamerHónapja
  • My 93 Allante is so much nicer than this one.

    DJ KadilacDJ KadilacHónapja
  • I recall this from JR Ewing in Dallas driving it on the show.

    Jim RassinierJim RassinierHónapja
  • Its really a SAAB but without the usual SAAB quirks. GM "owned" SAAB at the time, till its demise 2012. Had a 1999 9-5 model with 2.3L Turbo. So watching this video brought back many (mostly good) memories.

  • Northstars are the worst engines Cadillac ever made known fact

    Robert BennettRobert BennettHónapja
    • Not true, the HT4100 was way worse. There are plenty NorthStars still on the road....including my 93 Allante.

      DJ KadilacDJ KadilacHónapja
  • Doug i absolutely love the gold key delivery CRAP

    goole seachgoole seachHónapja
  • Ahh please this car is horrible. Your overall score is way high. Compare this to an Acura Legend of the time an this Cadillac feels late 70s. The interior quality's is horrible. Even a 1993 Ford Escort looks better inside and out!

    Gonzalo AGonzalo AHónapja
  • Basically, you just mentioned my personality.

    Marco Christian MagnoMarco Christian MagnoHónapja
  • Was better to stick with the other front wheel drive Caddy convertible the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible was far prettier and i bet many buyers opted for the Eldorado and not an Allante.

  • The Knightrider theme started playing when he turned on the dash.

    Savory LemonSavory LemonHónapja
  • Found a beautiful one for $4800 near me with 77k miles finna boutta actup

    Joker Ops AirsoftJoker Ops AirsoftHónapja
  • Kinda cool

    Mark BehrMark BehrHónapja
  • Blockbuster Robin William’s Jumanji

    Lo-GX Ensemble CoenTechLo-GX Ensemble CoenTechHónapja
  • There was the 1993 Cadillac Allante then there was the 1993 Chrysler TC By Maserati

    Brandon LaswissBrandon LaswissHónapja
  • Everything about this car = 😏

  • Reminds me of a very, very poor version of the Saab 900 convertible


  • Doug: "OK, floorin' it now... Wow!" BMW 3er: "see ya!"

    Darin KirschnerDarin KirschnerHónapja
  • A CD player with 15 second electronic skip protection!! 😂 anyone remember that ESP that came in discman??

    John SchauderJohn SchauderHónapja
  • Trump had/has a gold one. So did J.R. on Dallas so there's that.

  • This guys scoring system makes no sense to me. He vocally praises the cars acceleration during the drive in the video (and is even made giddy by it), noting that it does 0-60 in 6 seconds, which is pretty good even by modern standards... but gives the acceleration a 2 out of 10??? Is this like golf scoring here? Do you want to get a low number?

    WienWien2 hónapja
  • Is Allanté not Allante

    ArturoArturo2 hónapja
  • Opening the top takes a few birthdays

    krkr2 hónapja
  • I had a 99 Deville and loved the fuel used option considering my electronic gas gage did not work

    Mojo the Helper MonkeyMojo the Helper Monkey2 hónapja
  • Cadillac actually commissioned several specially branded vehicle delivery trailers. My boss has 7 of them. They are absolute pieces of shit.

    TruckerPhilosophyTruckerPhilosophy2 hónapja
  • I’ve always liked the looks of this car.

    El Tio Juan CarlosEl Tio Juan Carlos2 hónapja
  • omg its a doggo 4:45

    Ryan LovejoyRyan Lovejoy2 hónapja
  • Yeah, Doug, that’s why you reviews of old cars are so valuable - they can give us a small look on how life looks back then.

    Stanislav BoudyonnyStanislav Boudyonny2 hónapja
  • I'd just like to remind everyone that this top of the line, state of the art, Cadillac flagship car, was beaten by an Oldsmobile badged Blazer in 91, because at least the Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada told you which directional turn signal was on. Lmao

    Midnight_ShadowsMidnight_Shadows2 hónapja
  • 8:33 i actually think they’re reversed because drivers tend to seek tracks more than reversing/replaying a track, doesn’t this arrangement mean that its more ergonomic for the driver as the button is closer?

    sultan suryanegarasultan suryanegara2 hónapja
  • I assume the labeled displays in the center are a reminiscence to the time console in the Delorean from the "Back To The Future" movie.

    Ian KnopIan Knop2 hónapja
  • EElectronic. He says electric/electronic in such an odd way.

    MB TaberMB Taber2 hónapja
  • This reminds me so much of the Lexus LC. Exact same story.

    Adobe After Effects ProjectsAdobe After Effects Projects2 hónapja
  • I heard that the Northstar tended to use a lot of oil... they should have just used the Corvette as a basis for the car... which they did later.

    Brian GraffBrian Graff2 hónapja
  • Fuck yes, more malaise cars please

    CJ RCJ R2 hónapja
  • Super work Doug! A car I have never heard of that I now appreciate and want!

    Alec HAlec H2 hónapja
  • Quirky? It looks like a convertible Chrysler Aries. It was also a piece of junk.

    don684don6842 hónapja
  • As a kid I had a Matchbox Allante in black with a red pin stripe and chrome mirror wheels. It looked so cool. And so ugly IRL :(

    Roger SkagerströmRoger Skagerström2 hónapja
  • Thank you Doug for making this. I know you latest ridiculous rare unaffordable Italian 4 wheeled (yawn) whatevers are getting more views but that’s just low hanging fruit. Little boy’s messing their shorts clicking on a internet hottie. You my friend keep documenting the history of older cars that more people have seen and driven or youth haven’t seen. Keep doing it I love seeing these cars despite not being part of 1million views in a day. Life isn’t all about popularity and money. Thank you Doug. Carry on.

    bfoot2211bfoot22112 hónapja
  • Someone near my house has one in dark green, with the northstar v8

    Aidan ShawAidan Shaw2 hónapja
  • I still want to bash em both.....

  • "The neeeeeeeew Allante!!" -Kelly Bundy (Bundy Bounce).

    Leroy BrownLeroy Brown2 hónapja
  • Japanese cars of that era wasn't simple. In fact far more advanced. They also had digital dashboard,and much more like: adjustable suspension,TV, ultrasonic mirror cleaning,fridge,kettle,electric curtains, motorized spoilers and so on. Ah, and the main thing, all those toys works even 30 years later like on the day one.

    Dimitry KhyzhnyakDimitry Khyzhnyak2 hónapja
  • Videos about these cars the exceptionally well for me. I do not like thosemodern supercar thingys...They are not as quirky as these older cars. Especially it is always enterntaining to see, what was considered important or modern back then.

    MRoth93MRoth932 hónapja
  • My dad had a 1999 STS, which had the high output Northstar in it. I have never been in another car that had a better sounding mechanical valvetrain induction noise from inside the car. I really wish I could go back and hear it one last time.

    eb110americanaeb110americana2 hónapja
  • You should the TC By Maserati

    ManiaMusicChannelManiaMusicChannel2 hónapja
  • We want these type of cars!! Please keep posting 80s 90s!!!

    B KB K2 hónapja
  • Is that roof how it was meant to be inside? Looks like your tent on the camping.

    karel-willem Jaarsveldkarel-willem Jaarsveld2 hónapja
  • The neeeeeeewwwwww Allante!!!!

    CN MathiasCN Mathias2 hónapja
  • General motors dont honor their models, they just go, naa cancel that shit 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    namastenamaste2 hónapja
  • Now review a Chrysler-Maserati TC to complete the American/Italian mishmash failure cars. Lol.

    HobiemartyHobiemarty2 hónapja
  • That thing has a very quirky DIC.

    Speedfreak515Speedfreak5152 hónapja
  • YeAh... I was a supplier for Gross Mismanagement during the Waggoner era😫😪 He was called DiCk ! 🤯 for a reason, frankly, I'm F'n AmAzEd they survived !😱🤯😉

    Erie RErie R2 hónapja
  • These are exactly the kind of cars I want to see reviewed. Weird, Quirky and different.

    EvilbeefEvilbeef2 hónapja
  • My father had an Allante back in the 90s and the thing was CONSTANTLY in the shop. Always had a problem. Constant nagging problems. He had it out with Cadillac for selling him such a lemon.

    FeistyBastardFeistyBastard2 hónapja
  • how DUMB is this guy???

    Tony WellingtonTony Wellington2 hónapja