The Bugatti Divo Is the $8 Million Ultimate Hypercar

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The Bugatti Divo is a really, really special supercar. Today I'm reviewing the Bugatti Divo to show you everything you need to know about the $8 million ultimate hypercar. I'm also showing you all the quirks and features of the newest Bugatti, and I'll drive the Divo to let you know what it's like on the road.
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  • Kitsch.

    Isten FaszaIsten Fasza2 órája
  • To be honest i dont like the interior but the exterior is beast

  • Bugatti Fatso the 3rd

    Rudolph0279Rudolph02797 órája
  • The *McLaren* on the 1st place... - that´s *more* than *ridiculous.* A higher score in handling, comfort, and *value...???* - That´s *more* than *stupid...* ...that´s *incompetent bullshit!*

    Arschkarten PauleArschkarten Paule7 órája
  • The licence plate ruins everything 😭

    ghilesfreemanghilesfreeman8 órája
  • Congratulations to you! Life has rewarded you for your hard work :)

    Eugene Sesma IIIEugene Sesma III8 órája
  • Cost aside I would rather have a Chiron. The Chiron handles well enough and is just a bit more elegant. Nitpicking though...both are amazing and beautiful.

    Jeff BergstromJeff Bergstrom10 órája
  • Doug's a great guy, but I'm not sure I'd want a sweaty Doug inside my $8 million car. Especially with those suede / leather seats and him wearing shorts / tshirt.

    somarfsomarf11 órája
  • Is it just me or is this thing pretty ugly? Great vid thou

    Mrb1ackdyn0miteMrb1ackdyn0mite12 órája
  • Honestly for such a pricey car some of the features are retarded. A manual switch for drive modes, manual seat levers, the key holding spot, etc. If you have the money and like it so be it, still amazing as hell. But I'm sure if people had this kind of money they wouldn't be buying a Divo lol. They'd go for a P1 or centurino 😂

    WolvieGamingWolvieGaming14 órája
  • This guy on every thumbnail 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Ayabonga LuthuliAyabonga Luthuli15 órája
  • Those seat adjusters are just like the ones on my

    Barry ScottBarry Scott16 órája
  • Damn I want one. (Hops on GTA)

    Limo LimoLimo Limo17 órája
  • The Chiron is prettier!

    ernievzlaernievzla18 órája
  • I know Hondas that would smoke this thing in any race but top speed. Never wanted a hyper car, when you can actually build something faster for normal people prices lol. Japan Ricers and American Old School Muscle is what matters, BUT I still love your channel.

    OcturonOcturon20 órája
  • This dude is just straight up playing GTA

    snoahhh hsnoahhh h20 órája
  • Really liked this video. That sound with the window down is really "strong", that's the word I like describe it best. And Doug's reaction at 34:55 is wonderful, that's the sound you make in either 1. a Bugatti Divo or 2. in the bed chamber

    haireguhairegu21 órája
  • doug sweating all over this mans car

    Draiborn99Draiborn9921 órája
  • Honestly speaking, I don't like this car. The exterior is fine, but I can't really accept those interiors on a $8M car. It surely has top notch quality, but the design reminds me of those very cheap cars you used to buy back in the early 2000's. It's like the designers team put a lot of effort on making it look ugly. Yeah, I know there are only 40 of them..luckily! It's really RARE to get such a horrible interior design.

    Donny D. DarkoDonny D. DarkoNapja
  • i'd be ashamed to buy an 8 million dollar car

  • Bekaar gaadi

    jatin bhatoyajatin bhatoyaNapja
  • Doug is way to sweaty here to be sitting in an 8 million dollar car lol

    Online AliasOnline AliasNapja
  • Tesla running lights

    ChevyLife ErikChevyLife ErikNapja
  • 0:00 Doug with a Divo 0:40 Doug with a P1 GTR 1:18 Doug with a Chiron Doug you cheeky flexer we love you ;P

  • I'd *love* to have seen Doug's face when he got the mail with the offer to review this Divo. :D

    Jürgen ErhardJürgen ErhardNapja
  • The closest thing to a real life batmobile. But like the batmobile, I really think this thing would benefit from a gas turbine engine rather than a piston engine. But that would drive the cost up to far higher than even its current price.

  • 15:06 he really didn’t kick his shoes out

    Michael HillMichael HillNapja
  • 4:45 horse in the back

    Michael HillMichael HillNapja
  • this video had some of the best of Doug's "O" face I've ever seen

  • I will take two please! Steal. I meant steal.

  • How do you not get nervous as hell when you drive these?

  • You mean hypercrap...

    Julio SernaJulio SernaNapja
  • I bet his Liability Insurance is top notch

    Senor MoodySenor MoodyNapja
  • Doug is the type of guy to confuse the colour Cyan with the colour Blue

  • imagine the owner watching this, and seeing doug get in with his sweaty hair pressed against the seat

  • Someone get this man a pillow or something. He's going to ruin his knees by excessive kneeling around the cars. 13:50

    Flavius CarpFlavius CarpNapja
  • Doug sweating so much, just of getting close to the car and being able to drive it... i jizzed my pants only by watching the video

    Biro KarolyBiro Karoly2 napja
  • Funny he's doing this on a horse farm. Your average horse only puts out one, maybe two horsepower.

    Ben DavisBen Davis2 napja
  • I have a bugatti divo in a the crew 2 videogame

    MEGAM45ter YTMEGAM45ter YT2 napja
  • When Doug put his foot down, we all smiled. I bet that was an experience.

    nstorm390nstorm3902 napja
    • @Video Games Are Fun For the class of people that can afford cars like these, 8 million dollars is about 8 dollars to you or I.

      Chris614Chris61423 órája
    • so is seeing 8 million dollars in my bank account. this is just a CAR. no car is worth that much money unless you are laundering drug dealer money which is what these are used for anyway.

      Video Games Are FunVideo Games Are FunNapja
    • I watched that part about 10 times!

  • Whip it. Whip it good!

    Rob L.Rob L.2 napja
  • Plaid Model S coming out this year is 140k (1,75% the cost of the Divo) and has a faster 0-60 and higher top speed. We live in amazing times.

    Will FrankWill Frank2 napja
  • I'm so happy you got the chance to review this car

    DisCoMDisCoM2 napja
  • Still not a fan of the Bugatti signature grille. The horseshoe shape is ugly and ruins the lines of the car IMO. By far my least favorite part on all Bugattis.

    Amélie LacroixAmélie Lacroix2 napja
  • In some videos I saw Doug kind of faking his excitement reactions this time 33:37 was genuine happiness

    slamcutubeslamcutube2 napja
  • More like 5.8 million .. not 8 ....

    Jay OneJay One2 napja
  • Jay Leno’s son

    Jimmy PdlJimmy Pdl2 napja
  • Came here after watching Salomondrin's new video

    SankarnathSankarnath2 napja
  • I wonder if the guy behind you in traffic realized what exactly he was behind?

    Michael WilsonMichael Wilson2 napja
  • Why every time he gave it some gas he looked like he having a orgasim???

    Perry Ward jrPerry Ward jr2 napja
  • That mirror switch is pathetic!

    Tetta ZwoTetta Zwo2 napja
  • Says "wiper blades", points at wiper arms.

    Tetta ZwoTetta Zwo2 napja
  • Everything great on this car except the way the doors open

    devon samueldevon samuel2 napja
  • very very nice car but does it really worth 8 Million Dollars? No.... can you go anywhere you want with this car? No... you can Have 10 of the best cars in the worlds with 8 Million dollars

    ali iraniali irani2 napja
  • I’m glad Doug started doing what he does.. we would never get a true reaction like this.

    Shot By PixelShot By Pixel2 napja
  • THISSS is a carwasher's nightmare.

    Афон СлепцовскийАфон Слепцовский2 napja
  • Introducing the new cop car in Dubai.

    FugettaboutitFugettaboutit3 napja
  • No coat hooks, those are panty holders

    dailydriVR tadicdailydriVR tadic3 napja
  • Ugly

    Spindle HospitalSpindle Hospital3 napja
  • Why does this German-made, "Italian" car, have a French flag on either side of it??

    Jim KJim K3 napja
    • @Mitchell Maljers Sure I knew that at one point, thanks for reminding me.

      Jim KJim K2 napja
    • Because Bugatti is a French company lol

      Mitchell MaljersMitchell Maljers3 napja
  • Just imagine crash this car.

    Jose Pablo Gómez CadenaJose Pablo Gómez Cadena3 napja
  • dougie knows his shit bruh

    Ayo FabricioAyo Fabricio3 napja
  • nice review dougie

    Ayo FabricioAyo Fabricio3 napja
  • he got in with dirt all over his knees geez

    CharlieOneITCharlieOneIT3 napja
  • I'm surprised Bugatti didn't install a rear view camera in the mirror, cause the view from the conventional mirror is crap. That's a deal breaker for me - I won't be buying one....

    marmelakimarmelaki3 napja
  • 25:24 I wonder what the "Joker key" setting is all about...

    marmelakimarmelaki3 napja
  • It’s not built for strait line speed so it only does 236mph wtf 😳

    MrScrimbo1MrScrimbo13 napja
  • The Bugatti Divo is like the brother of bugatti chiron

    arshad ahmedarshad ahmed3 napja
  • Doug ... That car get you ..hahahahaha

    magic wandmagic wand3 napja
  • Buy this or a yatch or a private jet or a mansion?

    Vu Nguyen Duc AnhVu Nguyen Duc Anh3 napja
  • Bugatti: Behold our masterpiece of car performance Doug: tHe LiGhTs ArE dAnCiNg, HehEhehEHehEH

    Skull JokerSkull Joker3 napja
  • The head light turn signal doesn't even light up all the way what a joke

    Restored GarageRestored Garage3 napja
  • V-TEC

    Bucket bookBucket book3 napja
  • I hope this vehicle isn't owned by a woman otherwise there's a good chance she'll get pregnant next time she sits in the driver's seat.

    Derek DerekDerek Derek3 napja
  • had me till the non power seats, lol

    Jedi MasterJedi Master4 napja
  • Did I hear that right? This is the "high performance version" of the Bugatti Chiron? So...does the Chiron come in a base model that I can afford?

    LordTrayusLordTrayus4 napja
  • Motors to move seats forward and back are and always have been ridiculous

    iveseenthis button now!iveseenthis button now!4 napja
  • The giant oatmeal preferentially bat because fuel equally dam barring a groovy news. puzzled, languid governor

    Eric LiuEric Liu4 napja
  • What's the point of a manual in car so fast you'll need somebody else to shift. Edit: I'm an idiot

    FahrenwxFahrenwx4 napja
  • ignores the french flag LUL i would too LUL

    Cesar PonteCesar Ponte4 napja
  • Seems alright, I guess I'll order one

    Nico XNico X4 napja
  • It looks so dumb, like it was designed by teenage boy

    superprecisesuperprecise4 napja
  • Turn on the A/C Doug

    D SD S4 napja
  • I always wonder why are these tiny cars so much overpriced They are are mostly fibre ( plastic) ,toy like unnecessary features,unrealistic and unnecessary speed,and exaggerated marketing. The only thing they have is a big engine .

    Ben WaruiBen Warui4 napja
    • Because mostly rich people want these, and they don't care about the price

      Fast BananaFast Banana2 napja
  • Didnt he play in Dusk to Dawn lol

    Adesker PryorAdesker Pryor4 napja
  • some random dude in south florida has one lmao

    kevinb9739kevinb97394 napja
  • i think lamorghini is better who are with me like the comment

    FAHs tubesFAHs tubes4 napja
  • Doug: Take a listen *Revs car to 2000 rpm*

    TheSauceBossTheSauceBoss4 napja
  • i like Manny Khoshbin's white bugatti's better TBH.. and half the price hehe

    JBs Kicks NYCJBs Kicks NYC4 napja
  • 15 hundred of monstrousity.

    Subterranean CamoteSubterranean Camote4 napja
  • 8 million hyper-ultra-giga car and the interior looks like it's been designed by Sportacus from Lazy Town. LOL!

    FohomFohom4 napja
  • Did anybody else not see the front end raise up at the 18:21 mark? 🤔

    Justin CarterJustin Carter4 napja
  • I bet Matt Watson won't review one of that 😑

    Imantha FonsekaImantha Fonseka5 napja
  • Someone get this guy a towel

    Mclovin69Mclovin695 napja
  • i was seeing other video about the divo and the guy did started with his key on the pocket.

    Igor JesusIgor Jesus5 napja
  • Now, let's hear the Bugatti Divo give its Divo score on Doug.

    Surfer DudeSurfer Dude5 napja
  • When spending $8M on an auto, the last words I want to hear are "like other Volkswagen models..."

    eric mosseric moss5 napja
    • *car

      OskuPlayer - SuomiOskuPlayer - Suomi3 napja
  • 8million dollar car yet still not

    Majik- ballzMajik- ballz5 napja
  • Actually, the manual seat adjustment doesn't seem ridiculous to me. It makes sense in a car where the owner will probably be the only driver; the other adjustments may be used by the same driver to suit his/her position at different times/moods, but the placement of the seat from the pedals will usually remain the same, and therefore, a perfect candidate for weight elimination.

    José ReinoJosé Reino5 napja
  • All that bullshit, it’s just a car

    Peter MarshallPeter Marshall5 napja