The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is the Fast, Electric Mustang SUV

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The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is the newest version of the Mustang -- and it's an electric high-performance SUV. Today I'm reviewing the Mustang Mach-E, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Mach-E. I'm also going to drive the 2021 Mustang Mach-E, and I'll show you what it's like on the road.
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  • If you think about it though, the Mach-E is very much a spiritual successor of the original Mustang. As the original Mustang was mostly a modified Falcon, the Mach-E is an upgraded people-mover too. With that being said, I still think reusing the Thunderbird would have been a better choice.

    Jeff WangJeff WangÓrája
  • I'm a cybersecurity expert and FUCK NO. Anything that can be done with your phone, can be done with someone else's....potentially from miles away. No thanks, give me an old fashioned key.

    blublu2 órája
  • 2 other important things this car has on Tesla is passable panel fitment and paint quality.

    Holden SkyHolden Sky3 órája
  • Mach E is a disgrace to the mustang name

    Micah LindsayMicah Lindsay3 órája
  • Model Y is so weird and ugly and Mustang Mach E is beautiful!

    NUNO LPNUNO LP6 órája
  • I feel the only thing that lets me down, is the pop up screen in front of the driver, there’s something about the aesthetics of these style just makes me thing meh, I’d like to see this integrated within the dash as opposed to popping up like some portable old CD player

    Rich BaileyRich Bailey8 órája
  • Keywords to remember: Battery Range and HIgh-Voltage Charging.. LOL

    Speed DemonSpeed Demon13 órája
  • People with big berries on their faces are usually simpletons i think he is a good example

    borak husein obamaborak husein obama18 órája
  • Fun fact, the design of the car is an upgraded focus europa hatchback mk2.. Even the wing is almost the same..

    Luis ARLuis AR19 órája

    Jim ScimonettiJim Scimonetti19 órája
  • Wtf...a mustang suv? What the heck is Ford doing?

    M DM D21 órája
  • Head lights copied from Audi

    EFM70EFM7023 órája
  • This would be so cool if it was a coupe instead of a SUV. I feel like companies aren't tapping in to the potential of electric sports cars, which is a damn shame.

    fletchtoothfletchtooth23 órája
  • While EVs are know for having little maintenance, they still will need repairs. I wonder where Ford stuck all the motor electronics at? (charger, motor inverter, stuff like that)

    Mike BryceMike BryceNapja
  • Does this Smartphoen controlling also work in areas with no mobile data service? Or is it controlled via bluetooth?

    Florian WalterFlorian WalterNapja
  • Why I feel Model y is going to fail. This car, Mercedes eq, Audi etron, BMW IX3, Jaguar epace .

    Jay BorahJay BorahNapja
  • Why do the results not show up in the official dougscore spreadsheet?

    Thomas HerrmannThomas HerrmannNapja
  • i really love the look of that thing, and i would totally buy one BUT it says mustang on it and its not a mustang. That pisses me off to no end and will never buy one as long as the mustang name is attached to it. IDK they didnt just call it the Mach E and leave it at that.

    Jedadiah TuckerJedadiah TuckerNapja
  • Remove the Mustang name immediately!!!

    Sam YoungSam YoungNapja
  • This vehicle is truly upsetting. Seems like the demented child of some misguided group think from lame ass Ford board members. Mustangs were small fun cars with big muscly engines. This is a slow soccer mom minivan and should have been called a Taurus E. Mustang Mach-E should be a small, sporty, low to the ground, fun to drive fast vehicle. Such a waste.

  • The bustling responsibility successively apologise because cheese basically ski towards a yummy karate. rampant, foregoing lier

    Brittany AtkinsonBrittany AtkinsonNapja
  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️

    Zilla 11Zilla 11Napja
  • Customers: We want a separate physical dial with the touchscreen display. Ford: Ok, we've glued a conductive dial directly onto the touchscreen. *Task failed sucessfully*

    KitMellowKitMellow2 napja
  • CRAP CRAP CRAP. why the hell it does look like a soccermoms car. why is it not styled in the proper way

    dantae666dantae6662 napja
  • a disgrace to the "mustang" name

    Shlomo SilverstoneShlomo Silverstone2 napja
  • All good till that roof shatters in an accident or rollover 🤔

    Four Hundred Twenty Pixels+Four Hundred Twenty Pixels+2 napja
  • It's a nice car, I gotta admit. But I'm still with the feeling that calling it a Mustang is blasphemy and looks like milking the Mustang's name. At least Ford tried to respect it

    Demon Lord GamingDemon Lord Gaming2 napja
  • It looks like an Infinity.

    Allie-Marie GamingAllie-Marie Gaming2 napja
  • This is not a mustang!

    Pamela PricePamela Price2 napja
  • With all the words in the Dictionary, Ford had to name it a "Mustang"???

    Timothy LovettTimothy Lovett2 napja
  • They watching you in the car😮

    David FosterDavid Foster2 napja
  • government or who ever interested have access to that car as well thanks. Definetly they want to control and spy on all manufactured cars without options to opt out. People become spineless idiots .

    Herbert CukursHerbert Cukurs2 napja
  • Did he say Tesla @ 14:20 :P

    akaalinyakaaliny2 napja
  • You do a crime these new electric cars and get caught. Them shit probably show up at trail as the star witness to tell on you. These are nanny cars. Lol

    Nathaniel SingletonNathaniel Singleton2 napja
  • Please do the id4

    Ben SomainiBen Somaini2 napja
  • It looks like CRAP.

    cptcrunchcptcrunch2 napja
  • already a nope. those rubber pads rip off if it's a severe freezing day in winter and ice forms between the pad and door. Then your door can't close until you fix it. however mustangs aren't winter cars anyways

    Andrew PersaudAndrew Persaud3 napja
  • Doesn’t look anything like a Mustang!

    Amit MukerjeeAmit Mukerjee3 napja
  • How can’t car manufacturers figure out how to make a responsive touchscreen, there is like a second delay after you touch it... even low end phones can do better

    Muz LeeMuz Lee3 napja
  • Phone control for a car is STUPID. Period

    RobotManMachineRobotManMachine3 napja
  • Shitty knockoff of a Tesla Model Y

  • I wish i was single to get this. Too much bills

  • Does it come with a shopping cart.

    Nick SNick S3 napja
  • I don't care what Ford calls this, but it ain't a Mustang.

    D the BD the B3 napja
    • It's Karen's version of a Mustang.

      Allie-Marie GamingAllie-Marie Gaming2 napja
    • its a suv for grandma

      Commander ShephardCommander Shephard2 napja
  • Wow..., this car is truly inventive and well thought out. Good job Ford!

    E WitakE Witak3 napja
    • You've heard of Tesla, right?

      Kurt FKurt FNapja
  • I really like this car but it doesn’t deserve the mustang name.

    Homer DogHomer Dog3 napja
    • @Gabor29 Yeah I know but I don't think the mustang name is confined to just a sporty coupe. Much like Mercedes makes luxury cars but also makes cars like the sprinter. If a car can meet a standard of speed and luxury, and the car is special it can be a mustang.

    • @Aiv No, it doesn’t. Not because it is electric but because it is a SUV. One of the main element of a Mustang is being a sporty coupe.

    • Because ford is going fully electric, I think that it does deserve the mustang name. Also mustangs were trash in like 2014 and 2015, that set the bar low for what a mustang was.

  • I would never in 1 million years would ever drive electric electric car never thumbs down for electric cars

    Trevor GrieseTrevor Griese3 napja
  • “SUV” lol bro it’s smaller than some sedans. Get real.

    Jonathan NycumJonathan Nycum3 napja
  • Why wouldn’t this car have been called the mustang lll since it looks like a ford edge and since in the 70’s the mustang ll looked like a pinto

    Evans BostEvans Bost3 napja
  • Ugliest car ive ever seen we progress vehicles are getting worst wjat are they trying to do copy the movies

    Drew BeauDrew Beau3 napja
  • Purchasing an electric vehicle from ford is equal to buying scuba gear made by... ford.

    Regents Park MusicRegents Park Music4 napja
  • Substitute cool for quirky

    J SJ S4 napja
  • Doug: ;:O

    andrewks95andrewks954 napja
  • Is it just me or does all this integrated technology make you long for the simplicity of older cars and older life in general?

    Joseph DuncanJoseph Duncan4 napja
  • This should be called the Ford "Trying Too Hard"

    Joseph DuncanJoseph Duncan4 napja
  • This is the most 2021 car ever made

    DefyYourLogicDefyYourLogic4 napja
  • They should have called it the Explorer RS. Using the Mustang name for a vehicle that is the polar opposite is just not ok.

    Nathaniel BlankNathaniel Blank4 napja
  • Why do all EVs (except for Tesla) have „start“ buttons? Itˋs just unnecessary imho

    uNki23uNki234 napja
  • im sorry but thats not a mustang

    JJ PerezJJ Perez4 napja
  • Mustang. 4 doors. Crossover. It's NOT A FUCKING MUSTANG!

    AlluradeAllurade4 napja
  • This car is a hideous ABOMINATION, get a car cover, it so ugly, I can't stand it. The designer should be jailed for the rest of his life for his horrible taste. This is a vile abomination.

    Archangel UrielArchangel Uriel4 napja
  • What was that on the wall?

    michaelj4729michaelj47294 napja
  • At least don’t put the mustang badge on it could have put escape mac e but it is -100,000,000% not a mustang

    Roblox_craft guyRoblox_craft guy4 napja
  • The wheels needs update

    Abdoul DialloAbdoul Diallo4 napja
  • Is this a rebadged Mazda MX 30?

    dr bichatdr bichat4 napja
  • Now crowds won't you coming

    Jacktheboss4lifeJacktheboss4life4 napja
  • How hot must that get in the sun all day. You can't shade the top? That design has been a fail when tried before.

    Larry SchwartzLarry Schwartz5 napja
  • Ugh the infotainment looks super random. It doesn’t look luxurious. Reminds me of those screen when printing your plane tickets at the airport.

    4realTim4realTim5 napja
  • Oh no, the Model X 'shitting dog crossed with a Pontiac Aztek' styling influence is evident in this Mach-E.

    John ClelandJohn Cleland5 napja
  • I saw a wheel chair sign on the door

    Danielle BartranDanielle Bartran5 napja
  • Will the top glass break if accident occurred

    Nhan QuanNhan Quan5 napja
  • Looks like something Doug DeMuro would drive lol

    Rafael RodriguezRafael Rodriguez5 napja
  • Can we all agree this is unsettling & feels like automotive manufacturers don't give a shit about Manual or enthusiast?

    Pace7 GamingPace7 Gaming5 napja
  • I don't care if it's fast, Ford has ruined this car.

    Lex BoogieLex Boogie5 napja
  • SUV freaks simply ugly vehicle

    Fernan AllecFernan Allec5 napja
  • Leave it to Ford to ruin an icon,I could see possibly a 2 door version called mustang but a 4door,NOT.if this is the future NO THANKS.This is what happens when you leave design and development to a bunch of bed wetting millennial libratuurds.

    Mr AndrewMr Andrew5 napja
  • Not a Mustang....Ford didn't just alienate the car to Mustang enthusiasts, they literally put a target on everyone who buys this and drives it for ridicule. If you buy this, you should be prepared to avoid doing anything even remotely Mustang related, as this car won't be welcome.

    jayjay5 napja
  • Marketing overthinking. They could have competed in the "e" market if they had given it a unique name. Congratulations everyone in the Ford corporate office, you've officially pissed off every Mustang fan who will pass their rage onto every car owner and friend of theirs. The most stupid idea ever. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Frenchy SFrenchy S5 napja
  • A 33 minute Crispin Glover imitation. Outstanding. Nice presentation, cool car.

    Steve BrabsonSteve Brabson5 napja

    Zakaraya HenryZakaraya Henry5 napja
  • Very nice and well done Doug.

    Bob HopeBob Hope5 napja
  • Never been a fan of Mustang, they have 0 reliability. They are a more of a liability. With that being said, props to Ford for the risk and the top notch tech on this bad boy.

    Jesse F.Jesse F.5 napja
  • so many advertisements. ridiculous

    edwardmlee1969edwardmlee19695 napja
  • cant believe ford sell all these shity cars and trucks dont make seance...V6 raptor .. electric mustangs lol whats next

    454chevy454454chevy4545 napja
  • My Ford stock is going to jump jump!!

    stickytarmacsstickytarmacs5 napja
  • How can you open the doors when you run out of car battery in order to take the charger? 👀

    Facundo OrdoñezFacundo Ordoñez5 napja
    • Brick.

      Steve O'SullivanSteve O'Sullivan3 napja

    DJ UniversalDJ Universal5 napja
  • I mean no offense to Ford Mach e owners but it is ugly 🤢🤮

    SPC Calhoun 4653SPC Calhoun 46535 napja
  • wait...not a BMW?

    Oliver WOliver W5 napja
  • Costs way too much.. range is bad .. next !!!

    fordfiveohhfordfiveohh5 napja
  • If Sheldon Cooper was into Cars instead of Physics this would be the Result

    aaron garciaaaron garcia5 napja
  • I don't want to drive a computer, i don't want a computer to drive me! I don't want to interact with my vehicle i want to drive and control the vehicle myself. I don't need any help to drive my own car. This smart vehicle (if you want to call it that) is a stupid idea. I will never own a high tech EV. i'll buy a horse instead that way i can interact with my ride in a more natural way like god intended us to live our life. Screw all this extra high technology crap cause thats what it is. The American public never wanted crap like this there pushing this junk down every ones throat. I don't want a car that will put out a boatload of (RFs) that will give me and my passengers cancer. Oh our high tech vehicles won't cause cancer! Yeah right !!!

    ROCKOLA79ROCKOLA795 napja
  • Bookmark 11:25

    Jacob BarrettJacob Barrett5 napja
  • Tesla copycat lmao!

    dark2ksystemdark2ksystem5 napja
  • This is Not a Mustang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get that crap out of here!!!!

    Ernest ValdezErnest Valdez5 napja
  • Not a Mustang.

    Thomas CelentanoThomas Celentano6 napja
  • 0:33 ripoff of the Chrysler Pacifica?

    DJ UniversalDJ Universal6 napja
  • Video starts at 3:00

    First LastFirst Last6 napja
  • Does this come in manual transmission?

    UnknownLifterUnknownLifter6 napja
    • @odisy64 the prototype did 6 speed manual and a coupe. this thing is garbage

      dantae666dantae6662 napja
    • electrics like this dont have a transmission, just a single speed gearbox.

      odisy64odisy645 napja
  • The windy mail acceptably carve because appliance alternatively mourn next a lying refund. necessary, historical find

    Ben ThompsonBen Thompson6 napja