The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Is an Awesome Baby Bronco

2020.dec. 7.
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The Ford Bronco Sport is a new compact SUV -- and a very highly anticipated one. Today I'm reviewing the Bronco Sport, and I'll review all the quirks and features of the Ford Bronco Sport. I'm also going to drive the new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport and tell you what it's like behind the wheel.
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  • Before you complain this isn’t a “real” Bronco, remember that not everyone wants the big full-size Bronco with removable everything and a much higher price tag. Think of this as a far more capable, better-looking alternative to boring bland crossovers and you’ll have a better perspective on it.

    Doug DeMuroDoug DeMuroHónapja
    • Doug that thing is tiny. You used every trick in the book to not make that look like a tiny toy. Hunched over, stood away from it. Nothing in frame to establish size. You were on your knees looking under the hood. Sitting on your hip to not look huge in there. I understand it's a press car and to have access you have to play nice. That said I usually appreciate your honest reviews and quirks.. You said rear seat was roomy, acceptable with your knees touching the front headrest. The Bronco easter egg on the glass is a blatant Jeep rip off.. Same money gets you a new Explorer XLT 3 row SUV with leather. Competes with Renegade but priced over Cherokee Trailhawk. It's actually Grand Cherokee 4x4 money. How does ford bring out the one that suppoed to sell more units before the full size "Halo" Bronco? Chevy missed the mark with the Blazer as far as bringing back a model. This is not a miss, it is a fail.

      Brian McBrian Mc17 napja
    • I’m happy I went with a used 2015 Escape 2.0 Ecoboost AWD which has very similar specs.

      John StewardsonJohn Stewardson18 napja
    • @ricky v new bronco has independent front,still pretty cool. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Cheap v8 option would be nice in a wrangler or a bronco

      Mike SmithMike Smith18 napja
    • @Mike Smith These new models have solid axles?

      ricky vricky v18 napja
    • @ricky v none ever I would imagine, I prefer my solid axles anyway, gonna have to look at a bronco though.

      Mike SmithMike Smith18 napja
  • ugly tire rims💩

    Miguel ColónMiguel Colón3 órája
  • Hmm I would go with a FJ. would never go for anything less than a V6

    Kane Viva La KaneKane Viva La Kane11 órája
  • The new bronco looks like the first gen escape!

    Anibal BabiloniaAnibal Babilonia16 órája
  • I like the review, but the ratings are consistently krapp. Too harsh. Almost every review.

    watchman on the wallwatchman on the wall17 órája
  • Rubberyist?

  • Anyone else get some Xterra vibes?

  • Jeep is done

    Thanos KobbiThanos KobbiNapja
  • Don't like the gear box.

  • After driving my Bronco Sport Badlands and comparing it to m 13 Flex Limited (fully optioned) I give it a James score of 88/100 hahaha It really is fun and capable and remarkably civilized.Oh, and as I watch videos about Landrover Defender I can see a lot of the tech similarities between that and The Bronco Sport albeit obviously not as 'high end'

    James Gielfeldt- Viking in the WoodsJames Gielfeldt- Viking in the Woods2 napja
  • 23:21 6060 22:48

    PflnationalPflnational2 napja
    • 25:30:58

      PflnationalPflnational2 napja
  • The new Ford Bronco.... BUCKING AWESOME!

    Dbf CrellDbf Crell2 napja
  • Checkout. Jay Leno’s 1968 760-hp Bronco! That’s the Bronco I want.

    mrk107mrk1072 napja
  • 14:00 That’s an M&M. 😂

    mrk107mrk1072 napja
  • Honestly, I was kinda holding out for the regular Bronco, but this thing in the Badlands trim is pretty awesome. And if I'm honest, I don't need the extra size or ground clearance that the regular Bronco has. So this is like perfect for me. It's more than capable enough, and much cheaper. Like when you start adding size, you also add cost. Not just at the dealer, but general cost of ownership (fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.) is all usually more expensive when you get a bigger vehicle. Like you said, it's breaking the mold for small SUV's/crossovers. It's a little more expensive than a RAV4 or Escape, but it's also much cooler than a RAV4 or Escape while still being cheaper than a Wrangler or regular Bronco. You may have sold me, as long as I can find a Badlands when the time comes.

    aLilBabyOtteraLilBabyOtter2 napja
  • Looks like a Dacia inside 😂

    OctaviuS One mattyOctaviuS One matty3 napja
  • How long before someone plugs a toaster into it and burns it to the ground

    Matt WoldanskiMatt Woldanski3 napja
  • I really want the new bronco but I’ll probably end up buying the bronco sport

    Anthony StarkAnthony Stark3 napja
  • For fuck's sake, I bought my 2004 Wrangler Rubicon for $27k. And yeah, it doesn't have some features of this thing, but it's much more capable off-road and basically does everything this tries to do a lot better. There is no value here whatsoever.

    Adam BaldwinAdam Baldwin3 napja
  • Very cool paint. Is it a custom model or one of the factory models?

    SphericaISphericaI3 napja
  • no OJ SIMPSON Edition

    India KnoxIndia Knox3 napja
  • Nahhhhits just an escape. A bronco don’t have to be those big behemoths from the 70s and 80s. The little guys from the 60s were awesome. Wish I still had mine. Paid 200 bucks for it . It hardly had heat the wiper worked sometimes and had a big Bart Simpson on a surf board etched in the side window. Took that thing 4 wheeling on all the beaches surf fishing. All the way out to montauk point.

    Wally WankerWally Wanker4 napja
  • Bronco junior

  • Tiny???

    Bo RerunBo Rerun4 napja
  • We one real bronco not real cheap quality Ford Escape

    Speed pro motors StiSpeed pro motors Sti4 napja
  • ...Stop Bragging, that's a piece of Shit truck too!

    Ronald DouglassRonald Douglass4 napja
  • Seems like a Ford Escape with a different nose.

    curly437curly4375 napja
  • I want the real bronco not a soccer mom suv

    Plasma The ProtogenPlasma The Protogen5 napja
  • i just noticed that in a way this Bronco Sport kind of pays homage to the mid sized SUV's Ford made in the 90s such as the Bronco 2 and the Explorer. The it does it is first, the fact that the Ford Badge is offset to the left side which was common on the Ford trucks and SUV's. Another thing I noticed is how you can open up the rear glass like a lift gate kind of like how you could in the Explorer and I think the Bronco 2 did this too.

    Brice GrahamBrice Graham5 napja
  • I think I had a seizure watching Doug use his hands to talk.

    Stephen SchilskyStephen Schilsky5 napja
  • Ad Happy FUCK

    Jeffrey CampbellJeffrey Campbell5 napja
  • Has bottle opener man. Thats a Dronco.

    Spoiled Biker MigSpoiled Biker Mig5 napja
  • ................AND

    Window LickerWindow Licker5 napja
  • Ford's had that 'new' gear selector since at least 2017 (our 2017 Fusion had one); Jaguar started using it with the 2007 XF. The design of the Bronco Sport seems to owe a lot to Land Rover; the clamshell hood and the bump up in the roof, which is a signature design cue for the Land Rover Discovery. I like Land Rover's designs, so I like this.

    M SalzbergM Salzberg6 napja
  • They don't like "FORD" name vs BRONCO huh? Do they realize if FORD didn't exist the Bronco wouldn't had been made...

    Jay BJay B6 napja
  • These are now on Showroom floors.

    Jay BJay B6 napja
  • Should have called it the Bronco II

    Seth FaucettSeth Faucett6 napja
  • Those steelies look hideous. Needs a 4 inch lift with 33's.

    Mark MullenMark Mullen7 napja
  • Can we get a 900cc 2 cyclinder turbo in the future? :D

    Yakf15hYakf15h7 napja
  • When a Kia Soul and the new Land Rover Defender have a baby

  • Who ever buy this car is going to be way fooled its a Ford Escape With different frond end

    Speed pro motors StiSpeed pro motors Sti8 napja
  • Oj is quilty

    Tony MibfTony Mibf8 napja
  • Shudve just called it the broncoll i had one and loved it.

    gerald danielsgerald daniels8 napja
  • I mean that's actually a great idea. colt is a baby Bronco literally. Why i thought it was unique that manning went from the colts to the Broncos. Lol

    gerald danielsgerald daniels8 napja
  • Imagine living in a time where a 4 cylinder is considered the "upgraded" model.

    DefyYourLogicDefyYourLogic8 napja
    • @Joe Stout 105 hp back then is more like 80 hp today. At least those straight-sixes were bulletproof, though.

      Adam BaldwinAdam Baldwin2 napja
    • Here we are. Imagine living in a time where you had 6 cylinders and only got 105 hp. They were pretty in 66 tho.

      Joe StoutJoe Stout2 napja
    • Especially in a Bronco.

      Adam BaldwinAdam Baldwin3 napja
  • Screen is responsive but have a delay every time and didn’t switch to navigation right when he pressed it

    Caleb GibbsCaleb Gibbs8 napja
  • Had to immediately stop watching due to this dudes annoying voice and manner.

    Rich VogelRich Vogel8 napja
    • Yeah. He's a "proper" presenter now, y'see... But overdoing the gesticulation.

      Beechgoose 1Beechgoose 18 napja
  • Better than than the new blazer in opinion.

    Thanos KobbiThanos Kobbi9 napja
  • I see the black plastic wheel arch covers come standard. Doug should tell Land Rover that.... :D

    Vladx35Vladx359 napja
  • They should have made it to where the top comes off.

    Joshua DandreaJoshua Dandrea9 napja
  • I’m surprised that the bronco does not have Landrover inspired lines around it. Doug again painstakingly goes thru all the quirks; but he failed to disclose the typical depreciation of a Ford vehicle 😂😂😂

    C-MartzC-Martz9 napja
  • The 3 cylinder option is a joke. Especially on the luxury trim that reaches up to 35k.

    William WilkinWilliam Wilkin9 napja
  • It looks much bigger in photos/videos

    Woke AFWoke AF9 napja
  • Ford Bronco: My Little Pony edition

    DefyYourLogicDefyYourLogic9 napja
  • doug dude your a ding dong? cool factor is a 6 out of 10? you said it yourself, it's HUGE right now! the level of interest right now is Absolutely Nuts! How does it get 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10...

    Troy DeBeauTroy DeBeau10 napja

    Jimmy JonesJimmy Jones10 napja
  • Oh cool, a 14 jeep patriot.

    JohnJohn10 napja
  • I'm sorry, it just looks wack to me. Im sure its a beast off-road but ugly as fuck.

    Watson 98Watson 9810 napja
  • Too funny, I think I know which parking lot you filmed this in

    Aaron MullenAaron Mullen10 napja
  • It's a Ford Escape

    Darren RussellDarren Russell10 napja
  • Doug: I am thoroughly impressed by the handling, the looks, the cool factor is of the charts, the driving comfort, in short, it doesn’t get much better than this in the segment, and for that it gets a 39 out of 100 ...

    galamangalaman11 napja
  • The full size is the only one anyone cares about. This thing looks like a turd. Why on earth would they have not made them look more like the full size This is a dorky looking mom ride. Terrible styling.

    The Milsurp HunterThe Milsurp Hunter11 napja
  • Man you need to breed and make pause when you talk, it is so irritating to listen to you! It is like having head in the wasp nest with wasps buzzing around ears!

    Fika AFika A11 napja
  • That welcome graphic is awful 😂

    BH LondonBH London11 napja

    Walter GreenWalter Green11 napja
  • But it's a fn FORD!!! Lol

    Norman GrandyNorman Grandy11 napja
  • looks like an old Freelander

    soi0soi011 napja
  • This is what the escape shouldve evolved to. Not the abomination the escape is now Sure, my heart goes to the full sized bronco. But I love this too.

    BrysNightWorldBrysNightWorld11 napja
  • OJ would love those side seat pockets for knives storage🔪🔪

    Pedro MunozPedro Munoz11 napja
  • Can't get over how cheap that steering wheel is... I swear Toyota Corollas have better steering wheels than that

    Ethan LundyEthan Lundy12 napja
  • I like the eco boost 2.0 engine but the 1.5 ltr eco boost is just so weak, it put a lot of stress on the engine. it won't last for 5 years.. I wish they have a naturally aspirated 2.4 ltr. engine.

    sonny s.sonny s.12 napja
  • nah, what is ford thinking? they put a 3 cylinder eco boost. It's not supposed to be called sports.

    sonny s.sonny s.12 napja
  • I like

    Char LeeChar Lee12 napja
  • Once this hits markets, Ford will have another F150 kinda hot cake in their line up. Mach E is also getting good attention from Electric enthusiasts. Ford gonna make a U turn in 2021.

    Shealtiel PaulShealtiel Paul12 napja
  • This is a 2004 Ford escape with extra lights and buttons

    Adam HAdam H12 napja
  • I love that little thing. Great video! From one Doug to another.

    BroncoStokedBroncoStoked12 napja
  • ugly. Majorly disappointed

    Kelcey SnyderKelcey Snyder12 napja
  • Hell no, there better be a way to turn off that stupid infotainment graphic

    hifid3lityhifid3lity12 napja
  • goat mode goes back to the original Bronco.

    Bill BortzBill Bortz13 napja
  • Looks just like the new Lego Defender ?

    Hungry BoyHungry Boy13 napja
  • Seems like LR Freelander from the side view

    Александр МилыхАлександр Милых13 napja

    Furious Hot WheelsFurious Hot Wheels13 napja
  • There's already a Dodge Colt from the 90's. Should've called it the Ford Falabella. Falabella meaning "mini horse"

    Shawn EdwardsShawn Edwards13 napja
  • Clicked away. Mid roll ads spoil your video

    OverlandTTOverlandTT13 napja
  • Some of the animations and infographics are idiotic. There is no universal symbol for "Auto Hold", why not just write, "Auto Hold"? There's enough space. Also, the arm rests make no sense, I would've used cloth to match the seats.

    Ryan KwanRyan Kwan13 napja
  • Great value, but ugly and cheap looking.

    miyahtallulahmiyahtallulah13 napja
  • I hate CUVs but this thing really rubs me the right way for the softroading and camping I see in my future

    Dakota WinnieDakota Winnie14 napja
  • Looks like garbage! What a waste of effort from Ford 👎

    MrTurboRotaryMrTurboRotary14 napja
  • I am sorry but this version is just ugly and not worth the Bronco hype at all...

    navratiljnavratilj14 napja
  • 23:24 what the heck is that building in the background?! that is BEAUTIFUL

    Erik BakerErik Baker14 napja
    • The Mormon Church in La Jolla!

      Camden WinterCamden Winter9 napja
  • I have to say i"m a big Bronco fan but I'm disappointed by the styling, and those wheels and tyres are bloody awful Doug! I LOVE boxy styling, i have had various boxy jeeps including a couple of 90s Cherokees, I'd rather stick with the styling of my Dodge Nitro than this Bronco. I really am disappointed!

    User UserUser User15 napja
  • I wouldn't call it a sub-compact simply due to wheel base. Would you call the 2-door Bronco a compact SUV? It's wheel base is very close to the Jeep Compass, which is a compact SUV. The Bronco Sport is much bigger and heavier than the Renegade and HRV, which are more Ecosport size.

    George WashburnGeorge Washburn15 napja
  • When Doug says Bronco take a sip of your drink!

    4u2nvinmtl4u2nvinmtl15 napja
  • Ford has always had a problem with consistency in their interiors. I think the layout and controls are disappointing as well. the car is kind of Meh

    Jason CJason C15 napja
  • say it with me kids "lahg-shurr-ee" (luxury)

    AlbinoGolira GDAlbinoGolira GD15 napja
  • I think Ford should have released the bronco sport after the Bronco, so people would be excited for the bronco, and then if they can't afford it or don't want a larger SUV would be even more in love with the sport. Since we have the Bronco Sport now, it's getting a little bit overlooked because everybody is just doesn't care, because they're only focused on the big actual Bronco.

    Joseph BertolaJoseph Bertola15 napja
  • Is there underneath cargo space in trunk if so, WTF not show it. I feel like every car reviewer over looks that feature for whatever reason.

    Kam ManKam Man15 napja
  • They need to make a Bronco that is electric

    I quick-scoped JFKI quick-scoped JFK15 napja
  • Orange is my favourite colour on this Bronco. I could take this vehicle any day if I pick a small off-road SUV

    Vethenorth CarstarVethenorth Carstar15 napja
  • To me the Bronco looks like a beefed up Ford Escape. I’m not a fan at all.

    JR LylesJR Lyles15 napja