The 2020 Toyota C-HR Is a Quirky Hatchback Crossover Thing

2020.máj. 7.
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The 2020 Toyota C-HR is a weird, quirky hatchbacky crossover thing. Today I'm reviewing the Toyota C-HR, and I'm going to show you around the Toyota C-HR. I'm also going to drive the C-HR and show you what the C-HR is like on the road.
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  • 1min in the video and you are a dick!! You propably drive a ford!!!! Real anti toyota fan you. Good luck pushing your ford or towing it.

    Charl ThompsonCharl ThompsonNapja
  • Looking for dirt rally cars

    Sunset On A HillSunset On A HillNapja
  • 144hp is supercar territory in europe... 55hp is the norm...

    tristan 123455tristan 1234552 napja
  • Annoying way the guy presents himself......

    zz zzz z2 napja
  • OMG! The review is very annoying! I watch his reviews, but for some reason, this one is driving me nuts!

    shaggywag00 shaggywag00shaggywag00 shaggywag002 napja
  • I like really LOVE the CHR but why tf does it have a CVT and also it would be pretty sweet if this was RWD

    Ari EricksonAri Erickson3 napja
  • 21:36 69 degrees... nice.

    DictatorAtWillDictatorAtWill7 napja
  • *The CH-R is the new SUV Corolla.*

    ioquirkioquirk7 napja
  • 10:30 The map button will bring up the map using your phone when android auto or carplay is used. I agree with your score in normal mode but once you find teh buried sport mode in the menus, the car livens up a bit and becomes more responsive. I bought this same spec car for my wife and swore I would rarely drive due to the lack of power, a week later I found sport mode and while it isn't fast, it has a little more pep and makes it bearable.

    Models and CarsModels and Cars8 napja
  • Toyota chr hybrid 1.8 x ever

    PeterPrismPeterPrism8 napja

    Rust CohleRust Cohle8 napja
  • The hybrid version is quite popular here in europe.

    LucaLuca10 napja
  • If this thing had 500 hp🤔🤔

  • I hate it doesn't have a sunroof.

    Takisha BakerTakisha Baker13 napja
  • Do the windows roll down in the back?

    Takisha BakerTakisha Baker13 napja
  • lol the seatbelt thing has been an Aussie thing for like 15 years

    Joshua BradleyJoshua Bradley19 napja
    • I would think it would be a required safety feature but dont qoute that

      Joshua BradleyJoshua Bradley19 napja
  • I just bought one in Australia. Delivery 2nd Dec

    Joshua BradleyJoshua Bradley19 napja
  • The map button works just fine on mine as long as I am connected through Apple Play. It even remembers I want to use Waze instead of Apple or Google.

    KairosGymnosKairosGymnos19 napja
  • The magazines say Toyota need