The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate Is a Bargain Luxury Sedan

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The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate is a bargain luxury sedan. Today I'm reviewing the G90 Ultimate and I'm going to show you what makes it such a bargain. I'm going to take you on a tour of the new 2020 G90, and then I'm going to drive the new Genesis G90 and show you what it's like on the road.
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  • id take this over the S class anyday. and what makes it ZERO competition.. is that 3 year Maintenance, 5 year bumper to bumpe, 10 year power train warranty. AND, consierge service, where youll always have a genesis, and have it delivered to you while yours is in service. No competition. Mercedes has been executed. bmw too.

    Daniel M SmithDaniel M Smith22 órája
  • I've finally figured out why BMW don't have turn signals. Hyundai stole them!

    ElightticeElighttice2 napja
  • Doug is the type of guy that sniffs the passenger seat but hides it by saying he looking for spare change

    henry zentenohenry zenteno5 napja
  • The sexiest luxury sedan

    yousif bannayousif banna6 napja
  • The blinking tail light was cool🤗. Hope they do it in real.

    Akbar ShaikhAkbar Shaikh8 napja
  • THIS is a slightly overweight Doug lose some weight we may neeed to start reviewing ur weight and giving it a fat score

    swaggerboy740swaggerboy7408 napja
  • If the driver can't shut off some rear seat features which allow for too much passenger control, the whole thing ain't worth it.

    A KA K9 napja
  • California is a red state under the illegal oppressive regimes of the socialist communist Democratic Party of America

    Honest OpinionHonest Opinion9 napja
  • The wheels remind me of the old school Mazdas 🥰

    Suki Szn.*Suki Szn.*11 napja
  • Looks a bit better than a 90s Hyundai Pony I used to drive!

    R UR U11 napja
  • It has a V8 Korea’s premium luxury It’s as long as a S class

    skeleguns 10,ooo,oooskeleguns 10,ooo,ooo15 napja
  • Genesis is pulling a Lexus on Lexus

    Tik Tok AdsTik Tok Ads17 napja
  • this thing is just amazing and yea a BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sridhar tadikondasridhar tadikonda19 napja
  • Hyundai should expand their N performance division to Genesis.

    Naveek DarkroomNaveek Darkroom19 napja
  • It would have been a nicer presentation if it wasn’t out on a dirt road w woods in the background. I mean, we’re not reviewing a SUV or Truck here. Also I really, really like the G80 hope to own one someday. Haven’t seen the G90 in the flesh but looks awesome

    Pk MacPk Mac20 napja
  • Another reason why living in Hong Kong sucks

    CaseAnonymousCaseAnonymous21 napja
  • Got damn. 🔥

  • Perfect limo car. I have a Equus, I use as a limo. Customers love it.

    Jerry DwaileebeJerry Dwaileebe21 napja
  • Great looking interior. Horrible terrible looking exterior.

    Cary CollerCary Coller27 napja
  • Genesis is the best automotive industry in the world ❤️

    Mr. ShemarMr. ShemarHónapja
  • this doesnt have a vaccuum cleaner in your wallet so much as an s class when it starts to be costly.

  • side mirrors do the same thing

  • in this car your rear has quirks and features? ill be damned

  • why is it in the mud?ol lol

    Jomo GulstonJomo GulstonHónapja
  • 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    Rene GRene GHónapja
  • The way his hands creep away.. bruh im dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • tata motors =JAGUAR

    Steve SmithSteve SmithHónapja
  • @Doug DeMuro, I don't know if I missed something but I'd like to find out when you downgraded the Lexus LS500h to 64 when you initially rated it at 64? I have pasted the link below for you to see rating at the end of the video.

    Kenneth MukukaKenneth MukukaHónapja
  • They just need couple hundred more HP and that’s all..

    Se ProSe ProHónapja
  • Rims look like a NIGHTMARE to clean.

  • I'd actually prefer the G80 to the G90. G80 with the TT V6 and prestige pack.

  • You're reviews are poor at best.

  • At 16:56 you have a guy with Mr T hair throwing knifes at a tree. Only in Cali. Lol

    Nobody SpecialNobody SpecialHónapja
  • Hey Doug can you do a video on the new 2021 Hyundai Sonata? That car looks really interesting!

    Matisyahu AharonMatisyahu AharonHónapja
  • made in korea. this look so cheap :))

    đông tuấnđông tuấnHónapja
    • @đông tuấn Hyundai is the 3rd largest motor group in the world. But what about Vietnam?

      QpakrkdhwQpakrkdhw20 napja
    • @Qpakrkdhw kaka. genneis is very bad. we have vinfast better than huyndai so much

      đông tuấnđông tuấn20 napja
    • Genesis is much better than Vietnamese THACO car lol

      QpakrkdhwQpakrkdhw20 napja
  • i really want this

  • I would consider buying used one next Year.

  • Can get a 2017 g90 for 25-30k

    Josh PilisukJosh PilisukHónapja
  • This will be an amazing deal in 3 years

    Josh PilisukJosh PilisukHónapja
  • Please do a video on the GV80!! 🙏🏾😭

  • This dude has me dying 🤣🤣

    Hugh WiltonHugh WiltonHónapja
  • Crazy. That's a big car with such a little rear headroom. What a big un-usable space. Doug - your head literally touches the roof when sitting straight on the rear seats, right?

    NYC PersonNYC PersonHónapja
  • 22:90

    Calvin WilksCalvin WilksHónapja
  • Has anyone been to the Kia / Hyundai dealership??? Complete shit hall people that buy luxury brands will get rid of this junk after the first service 😂 this is a cool car for the first 5k miles😒

    Alexander JaxAlexander JaxHónapja
  • Who else loves the slo-mo touching Doug does?

    this realthis realHónapja
  • Hi Doug. This was great! Your humor is getting better and better. You even put a little self humor into the review which was hilarious. Keep 'em coming. Cheers

  • I just saw a Toyota Pruis fly right by you when you accelerated in that V8

  • I usto think genisis was just for hyundai performance but I was wrong so collation company with kia hyundai my dad got a tuson had it 5 years no problems what so ever gets used alot aswell only needed to change breaks so far looks like the South Korean cars will make a dent to over priced german motors sooner or later

    Tony TaylorTony TaylorHónapja
  • That thumbnail looks like an S class copy with a 7 series front.

    Martin JonesMartin JonesHónapja
    • Rear looks like a 90s Honda Acura Coupe.

      Martin JonesMartin JonesHónapja
  • Aston Martin Lagonda vibes through the roof!

    Suren XavierSuren XavierHónapja
  • The economy is failing jobs are lost never to return .Who in their right mind would spend almost a hundred thousand dollars on a money trap

  • The Quagmire Mobile " Giggidy!"

    Aubrey WhaleyAubrey WhaleyHónapja
  • There are many people who don't care about the name if they get enough luxury & speed ;)

    Pranay ChaturvediPranay ChaturvediHónapja
  • Trying to copy Bentley badge .shows no imagination

    trevor morgantrevor morganHónapja
  • What do I need bmw or audi? , look at this interior.

    Rust CohleRust CohleHónapja
  • Nice name nice car but I sm die hard Cadillac....

  • Yeah but it doesn’t have that German feel and thats really what you pay for in a Benz or BMW.

    Dan HannityDan HannityHónapja
  • well Mitsubishi does not have

    mustansir tahermustansir taherHónapja
  • You did a wonderful job I like the video

    Kelvin KirklandKelvin KirklandHónapja
  • My grandma loves those rims...

  • That voice recorder can be used to record the police if they stop you!

    ani760liani760li2 hónapja
  • When speaking about the price of a new Genesis G90, it is often overlooked that the price of the G90 in South Korea when translated into US dollars is actually $100,000! It would appear that the American market is getting a very big discount from the G90 price in other countries. Could somebody explain to me how this price differential is possible. Does Hyundai feel that it must penetrate the US market for this car to be a success. Show less REPLY

    bob lacksbob lacks2 hónapja
  • Wait a second... You posted the video on my birthday!!!

    Eric PtacekEric Ptacek2 hónapja
  • This gotta be the cheapent showpher or whatever you call it.... car.

    Eric PtacekEric Ptacek2 hónapja
  • As much as I dislike the design I must say this thing does not feel like a Hyundai at all.

    suaviejavii_is2g00d4usuaviejavii_is2g00d4u2 hónapja

    C. NelsonC. Nelson2 hónapja
    • @A Gadfly Well your engine transmissions and trubos will fail before 7 years. And thats a fact

      C. NelsonC. Nelson2 hónapja
    • No...I don’t think I will...

      A GadflyA Gadfly2 hónapja
  • LOVE YOUR DC SHIRT, HOME SWEET HOME... Your Videos, they have helped out so much...

    Vintage Vibez Music GroupVintage Vibez Music Group2 hónapja
  • Please please make a full EV version of this. me buy buy buy.

    Q VQ V2 hónapja
  • I want one, but g80 sports

    Tooram ChinapaTooram Chinapa2 hónapja
  • The last part with the old Suzuki or Subaru was hilarious...

    Trinity LorenTrinity Loren2 hónapja
  • A Hyundai(with unknown quality & reliability) at a Lexus/Mercedes/BMW price?!?

    Trinity LorenTrinity Loren2 hónapja
  • I hate the trend of the long connected taillight light bar. BMW and Audi also are doing this. Also those headlights are straight off the Volvo S90.

    Morgan WMorgan W2 hónapja
  • As big as that car is it has bicycle tires

    Joe SpinaJoe Spina2 hónapja
  • Daug's favorite word " opulence " !!!

    NkwasiasemakwakwaNkwasiasemakwakwa2 hónapja
  • How is the sound system? Completely skipped over that

    mrsparkle001mrsparkle0012 hónapja
  • Forget German autos,for the money this is most definitely the car to get,I can almost guarantee it'll cost wayyyyyy less in repairs over the years than the BENZ,BMW or AUDI....

    • @Jillian M There great when things are working right,but it's just guaranteed that things will break,and the repairs are very,very costly...

    • Ur right. I was always a big Mercedes fan until after owning a E-class sedan. It drove great and was a beautiful car but literally as soon as it hit 50k miles and the warranty ended, all the electronic components started going out and i was spending thousands of dollars a year replacing those parts. It was far too new to go so terribly wrong. Don't buy a German luxury car unless u can fork out a LOT for maintenance and repairs.

      Jillian MJillian M2 hónapja
  • this is a mess. they took the nose of a volvo, the rear end of a camry, and the body shape of a new elantra lol

    Hubcaps219Hubcaps2192 hónapja
  • Its expensive its 72k

    Onlyme2015Onlyme20152 hónapja
  • I'm kinda surprised you haven't reviewed a Mitsubishi Delica yet... if you need to find a good one just come to BC 😁

    Toolshed76Toolshed762 hónapja
  • Lexus LS 500 is rated 52 out of 100 in Consumer Reports testing and last in the segment.

    Norm TNorm T2 hónapja
  • The reason why the brake lights don't extend to the trunk is because federal law states that brake lights cannot be on any panel of the vehicle that moves like a trunk lid or otherwise. It can only be on a stationary panel. If you'll notice all vehicles are that way.

    Mo NewmanMo Newman2 hónapja
  • I really like the car, but I think i would like it more if it was reviewed by someone that didn't annoy me. There is something about the way this guy talks that bugs me. I'm sure he's a nice guy but the way he talks annoys me

    Michael HoffmanMichael Hoffman2 hónapja
  • Love the car but the rims are a big no for me

    n9ne-_-balln9ne-_-ball2 hónapja
  • Is that a Bentley emblem on the front of the G90🙄😂😂😂?

    Jerry AnthonyJerry Anthony2 hónapja
  • I love this car

    StageaStagea2 hónapja
  • lol.

    Abel StearnsAbel Stearns2 hónapja
  • U have the best car videos hands down

    Slow jams HudsonSlow jams Hudson2 hónapja
  • Sorry but those wheels are the most gaudy thing I've ever seen. I get trying to make it notable, but this isn't it.

    TwistedMexiTwistedMexi2 hónapja
    • The grille is weird too

      StageaStagea2 hónapja
  • We don't have this in South Africa but I would not mind paying for this....

    ismail godoismail godo2 hónapja
  • That seat belt was bothering me

    Reggie AndersonReggie Anderson2 hónapja
  • luxury car....but ur t shirt....

    sicario Castrosicario Castro2 hónapja
  • longer then my school bus

    lkjklöln pklklkjklöln pklk2 hónapja
  • The backseats are supremely opulent, but I can't imagine that someone who is able to afford a chauffeur would purchase a G90 over something like an S-class. People who can afford to be driven around aren't looking for luxury car bargains.

    NeokingNeoking2 hónapja
  • Is that the Aston Martin lagonda taraf

    jsn2482jsn24822 hónapja
  • Slap a benz badge on it and the prize doubles😂

    WHY BBIWHY BBI2 hónapja
  • Buy a Pony and spend the rest on gold and after two years, tell me who "looks" richer.

    NeoCynic1NeoCynic12 hónapja
  • Doug is the type of guy to review the business class of a plane and thumbnail the pilot

  • Please search hyundai quality in korean ' 현대품질문제 '

    Federico JOFederico JO2 hónapja
  • $50k is a fair price. but $75? i’d like to wait a few years and see how it depreciates

    AndoAndo2 hónapja
    • Looking at the equus, it looks bad

      StageaStagea2 hónapja
  • Those rims are disgusto

    Alexander MartinAlexander Martin2 hónapja