The 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody Is the Craziest Sedan on Sale

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The 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody is the craziest sedan on sale. Today I'm reviewing the Hellcat Widebody, and I'm going to show you why the Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody is so crazy. I've also driven the Hellcat Widebody to show you what it's like on the road.
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  • Man Doug is such a nit picker Lol

  • Whenever u hear “Vvvvthissss is a” just it’s boutta get down lol

  • @8:26 am I the only one who thought he was going to say something besides "...this car has the power?" LOL

  • Absolutely awesome! ... just wish it had a bit nicer interior for the ultimate experience.

    scherf.comscherf.com3 napja
  • TODAY on Doug Demuro farts in your car before you do, he found a cat.

    Walker JenningsWalker Jennings3 napja
  • I don’t like dodge chargers because they have four doors and it looks ugly

    Trevor GrieseTrevor Griese3 napja
  • Love the Chargers!

    FLA GarageFLA Garage3 napja
  • Acceleration you gave the HELLCAT an 8???!!!! You've got to share some of that great weed you're smoking, if this car isn't a 10 on acceleration you are absolutely nuts.

    mbrwn25mbrwn254 napja
  • Yeah, but Doug...when you tromped the go-juice - your head didn't even move toward the headrest. Either you have incredible neck muscles - or that Hellcat ain't that fast. I would suggest the latter, since I drove a purple 2019 Hellcat last year and I wasn't convinced that the 700 horses were all there...sure sounded good, though...more like a Hell Pussy, if you ask me...and that interior...oh, lord...T A C K Y

    Rodney J WelthamRodney J Weltham4 napja
  • Dodge charger RT or SRT is the best daily 4 seater

    takumi fujiwaratakumi fujiwara4 napja
  • i wanna hear sound systems how they work n all

    Malk QadanMalk Qadan4 napja
  • Its not easy doing a review on these especially if you havent driven alredy 👍👍😂

    Zeke CatoZeke Cato6 napja
  • Bro this interior looks like my jeep cheorkee soo much and it is a 2015

    TheLonelyNoodleTheLonelyNoodle6 napja
  • Wtf is adoptive cruise control?

    DD LLDD LL7 napja
  • Anyone who doesn't buy a Hellcat because of the door handles, parking brake, backup camera or door sills was not going to buy it in the first place.

    rxdawg75rxdawg757 napja
  • I like how americans hella like this car. Especially knowing that challenger is built on 300c platform that was built on licensed W210 platform, so basically thousands of people are screaming that best american car is restyled 30-year-old-Benz 😆

    Кирилл МихалинКирилл Михалин8 napja
  • Had to point the voice crack at 3:12. There was no way to prevent it lol this thing means business xD

    Erik SalazarErik Salazar8 napja
  • Doug sounds bored talking about the hellcat until he steps on the gas pedal.

    Juan PepeJuan Pepe9 napja
  • 80k dollar dodge charger which is insane. Indians who've been buying 80k Mustang 5.0 for years now ಠ_ಠ

    Raj LuckaRaj Lucka11 napja
  • review the scatpack or durango srt

    Leeroy JenkinsssLeeroy Jenkinsss12 napja
  • *A CORRECTION:* these fender flares are not "giant" they are "big" at best. And it is good that they are not "giant" as otherwise, the car would look ridiculous. BTW, the car sounds incredible; on par with best AMG models.

    Stranger HappenedStranger Happened12 napja
  • Wanna see a Hellcat outrun Houston Texas' finest? It's on HUworld. Crazy stupid! 😬

    Leroy BrownLeroy Brown12 napja
  • Doug! Don't be a dick! 🤨😆 You're gonna compare this car's interior/exterior design to Mercedes and BMW?! C'mon man! 😒 It's a hotrod!

    Leroy BrownLeroy Brown12 napja
  • Fuck this guys Review. Hating ass.

    Brian AnayaBrian Anaya13 napja

    Byron MannonByron Mannon13 napja
  • i would take this over any german competition because it’s a fraction of the price to maintain and it’s faster and cooler

    biguzivertbiguzivert13 napja
  • Let's face it, Dodge KNOWS their market well. The market for this car is a hardcore petrol head who wants MOAR POWAH!!!! :) The point of this car is to give said hardcore petrol heads an erection when they floor it. Provided of course they know how to handle 707 BHP. The buyer of this car wants to experience the rocket thrust that engine delivers, squeezing the pee out of his kidneys with sheer brute force every time he lights the blue touch paper, and to have the erogenous zones of his ears tickled by the Grateful Dead exhaust note. The demographic for this car is people who want the nearest thing on four wheels to the Millennium Falcon, and they won't be disappointed. :) Fancy materials and switchgear from Bang & Olufsen? Nah, the buyer of this wants a rocketship that will reshape his bowels. :D

    CalilasseiaCalilasseia14 napja
  • 2017 Nissan Altima has that same parking brake lol

    JPB New York AquaticsJPB New York Aquatics14 napja
  • The door opens that wide for the big americans

    Jonathan MartinezJonathan Martinez14 napja
  • That foot brake is the most reliable system. Electronic brake is just repairs waiting to happen.

    Tom KlampettTom Klampett14 napja
  • Your buying power not luxury, and thats fine with me.

    VVSVVS14 napja
  • Seriously who else is ready for a new charger/challenger? This car is gorgeous don't get me wrong. But it's the same exact style since 2012. And the front and back was the only things changed in 2015 and some interior. Largely the same exact car. Ready for the next generation already.

    Black OnyxBlack Onyx16 napja
  • lol are you kidding, a kid spending 20k on a car, lucky bastards, ill be lucky if i get a car worth 2k

    toby c03toby c0316 napja
  • He’s talking bout all the cheapness of the car and all I’m thinking is But 707 hp

    A guy and his dogA guy and his dog16 napja
  • I really love this thing. If I had over 80.000 to spend on a car, I'd go for this. I'm not a fan of German cars and this dodge looks very cool and I prefer cars where the brand or model name aren't printed everywhere

    лада ларслада ларс17 napja
  • And in a few months we will have a new winner: This car, but in Redeye form with 797hp.

    John DellJohn Dell17 napja
  • Yeah imma lease it

    Elmond L. RichardsElmond L. Richards17 napja
  • 717 is what the widebody’s are

    Terrelle CooperTerrelle Cooper18 napja
  • dodge sold these idiots a 80k V8 engine 😂

    Vincent ValentineVincent Valentine18 napja
  • I have the 2020 Charger GT, and that has the track pack in it as well. Which is funny because I'm not going to be racing my V6. A couple points on your review. The marketplace isn't working because you have to set it up your subscription to Sirius, which connects your car to your phone. Second, when it's below a certain temperature the car will automatically turn on the seat and steering wheel heaters, and turn on the defroster, so you don't need to look for the button. On top of that, the initial screen will also show these controls when you turn the car on.

    Drew BetaDrew Beta19 napja
  • Things you can say about your car, but not your girlfriend... "Yeah the widebody slows her down but her handles are top notch."

    Kyle RobertsonKyle Robertson20 napja
  • How does Doug not laugh during his reviews??

    D.E.P H MC.D.E.P H MC.21 napja
  • the only things we like wide is our cars not our women

    lil soulslil souls21 napja
  • Tesla model S plaid

    RIP Juice WRLD RIP XRIP Juice WRLD RIP X21 napja
  • The rearview camera is like a cat's butthole. It's in no way discreet.

    Joke AssasinJoke Assasin22 napja
  • Doug the type of guy who gets to use a car built for drag racing and doesn’t even try launch control

    Skipp DunlapSkipp Dunlap22 napja
  • did anyone else notice how the fastest 0-60 was 1.5 seconds

    JailbreakiusJailbreakius23 napja
  • Any man that doesn't get a Gigantic Bulge after driving this beauty needs their man card revoked.

    Camila FernandaCamila Fernanda24 napja
  • black key or red key ?

    93mustang shawn93mustang shawn25 napja
  • Yeah,700 means a lot,but this cars accelleration is so bad for 700 horsepower,you can have 2016 charger srt 392 which acellerates 0-60 in 4 secs with less than 500 hp for almost half a price of this.

    simonas cibutaviciussimonas cibutavicius27 napja
  • New Nissan Maxima has the same parking break. Doug you reviewing to many 7 figure vehicles 😁

    Another AnthonyAnother Anthony27 napja
  • overpriced as hell

    ProSpectProSpect28 napja
  • Are muscle cars is safe? Or German cars more safe?

    Elnur OlzhabaiElnur Olzhabai28 napja
  • Biggest piece of SHIT built by a foreign company sold. Nothing but sit and spin and the Camry walks it from every light.

    GetoverYourselfGetoverYourself28 napja
  • DASHBRD- a l33t Pokémon. Special attack: launch control. Must straighten wheel before launching from a traffic light in your neighborhood.

    AndrewAndrew28 napja
  • Can BMW stop screwing around and just make a real M3/M5.

    Flowmasta FlamFlowmasta Flam29 napja
  • Do I think Dodge makes the best overall cars? Nope. Do I think Dodge makes super fun and over the top brutish meme cars that you can beat on all day without feeling bad? Yup.

    Flowmasta FlamFlowmasta Flam29 napja
  • the first gen hellcats are not even close to the 20s

    Tyler LussierTyler Lussier29 napja
  • Made in Brampton

    ibrahim khanibrahim khanHónapja
  • Im 19 (young enthusiast) and I have currently driving a 2020 ford explorer st but im in the middle to pick a charger hellcat or a bmw m5 f10 but in the end I went with a 2014 e63s because I wanted something fast stock and nice and its faster then a hellcat. Plus it looks Sevier to me but I feel like I'm gonna miss that supercharger whine. Still im happy with my purchase until the Germans car eventually becomes a money pit XD.

    Afrim AdemiAfrim AdemiHónapja
  • Anybody taking this over an M or AMG is an idiot

  • for the new dakota they should swap in the hellcat v8 and call it the hell hound

    original contentoriginal contentHónapja
  • Haha loved the part about accelerating to a speed he shouldn't say

    Christopher CummingsChristopher CummingsHónapja
  • 700hp or not, that infotainment system is inexcusable.

    Direct Yo FeetzaDirect Yo FeetzaHónapja
  • You don't buy a dodge for luxury u buy it for the performance...

    Declan HoppesDeclan HoppesHónapja
  • Will never buy one cause 1. It's 2020 2. Can't affort 3. Piece of Junkx

    Young DredzYoung DredzHónapja
  • Indeed, the base is from the W210 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan which had its debut all the way back in 1995.

  • Why do the new challengers look like challengers but chargers look like subarus?

    Richard BunnRichard BunnHónapja
  • Man, I love the 'insanity' thing that Doug does. This car could bring the boy racer inside a person.

    Achintya AatreyaAchintya AatreyaHónapja
  • The people purchasing this vehicle clearly don’t give a shit about adaptive cruise control Doug.

    Garrett BreedonGarrett BreedonHónapja
  • Awesome Car

    Ryan HowellRyan HowellHónapja
  • 3.6 seconds...707 hp, my stock AUDI RS5 with 444hp does it in 3.4 for the same amount of money and the interior does not look like it was made by Mattel, and has bench mark setting technology. why would you buy this piece of crap? but, to each their own and does look great in my rear view mirror though :D

    Eric StolenEric StolenHónapja
    • The Audi RS5 is more of a luxury car and the performance is an added bonus. With this car you are paying for a powerful car with many incredible stats. Although I do agree that there are many other cars that are ultimately the better choice.

      Fried TurkeyFried Turkey24 napja
  • I’m sorry but if you buy a hellcat for luxury your just wrong

    J HutchersonJ HutchersonHónapja
  • Opening the trunk from the back was a luxury? My dad's VW golf 4 from 2000 has that feature =)))). A damn VW, volkswagen, people's car.

    meaningless lifemeaningless lifeHónapja
  • Theres no point in comparing it to any 80k car cuz this baby can put a smile on your face every time you start it

    Saad KhanSaad KhanHónapja
  • when you buy a hellcat, you are actually buying an engine so don't expect luxury

  • Who in their right mind would get a car such as this, and have no tinted windows for it? Any vehicle you buy should have tinted windows.

    Joseph PeoplesJoseph PeoplesHónapja
  • You are buying an Engine when you buy one of these!!!

  • That’s OK electric brakes are junk anyway I hate electronic E brakes

    Jason AxJason AxHónapja
  • I like foot mounted brake. Not age has purpose. Duffuss

    Bla BlaBla BlaHónapja
  • This car, just like EVERY other car that Chrysler/ Dodge has put out starting with the 300 sedan is riding on a Mercedes 300E platform. That's why they're all basically the same size, including the Dodge Magnum. When Chrysler was owned by Mercedes, they tossed Chrysler a bone in the form of a platform they were basically done with. Chrysler finally got their mits on a quality platform that could handle higher performance. And apparently, they STILL can't come up with something better. This was a platform Mercedes was _replacing!'_ They were *done* using it!

  • It should of been call how to devalue a hellcat!😂😂😂

    Luis R. VillanuevaLuis R. VillanuevaHónapja
  • So as far as the door opening so wide you just stick your foot out and under the door and pull it

  • those are never going to be in the 20s doug. After 5 years you still cant find a regular hellcat for under 40.

    Big DawgBig DawgHónapja
  • " Hey check this out " lol

    Alvah ThompsonAlvah ThompsonHónapja
  • Ugly f**ing car

    Darrell FDarrell FHónapja
  • I bet this guy can't even change a flat tire by him self. LOL

    ROY crackerROY crackerHónapja
  • They need to offer an awd version you can only get awd v6:(

    Chris StreetChris StreetHónapja
  • It's an $82,000.00 Dodge!

  • Doug would blow anyone from BMW or Mercedes. Clearly.

  • A random question from a non-driver: How is one supposed to drive a car with tons of information on some little screen in the midboard? Or rather, how is one supposed to read the tons of info while also driving and looking at the street? I really don't get it, as i am already getting nervous when people look at their spotify app while driving to change a song. Not the mention that (at least in germany) theres a fine for using your Smartphone while driving, i think. 🤔

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenHónapja
  • dashBIRD

  • The charger is a girl car

    Project M41Project M41Hónapja
  • No one is buying this car for it's rearview camera resolution.

  • The sound of this car is 😍😍😍😍😍

    Octane SwaggOctane SwaggHónapja
  • Kids in back😆😆😆

    tomas newmantomas newmanHónapja
  • Mm Let me clarify a few things that you're missing to the part that you said "the car show it's age".. as you said the car is modern speed and powerful car, BUT the back up camera resolution, the back up camera location, the door sill, the doors handles, the trunk release button, parking break release and the cruise control, wide doors and locator the is simple.. it is a mix between the new muscle car and the way we used to operate a car back in the days.. The meaning is to keep you aware of things and focus on the things we should be doing and not to make the daily driving too easy to by pass the things good drivers used to do.. Put it like a check list before taking off, rather than making everything easy like BENZ, BMW, TESLA

    Hugo R. RocaHugo R. RocaHónapja
  • Tint them windows plz

    Topshelf Bully’sTopshelf Bully’sHónapja
  • how many of these were wrecked out within sight of the dealership

  • You buy the engine not the luxury when you buy a hellcat