I Bought a New 2020 Land Rover Defender! (And Here's Why)

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I bought a new 2020 Land Rover Defender! Today I'm going to explain why I bought my Defender, I'm going to show you around my new Defender, I'm going to show you the options and features I chose, and I'll take you on a tour of my new 2020 Defender. Check it out!
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  • Well done Doug, for putting your money where your mouth is. I've subscribed to see how this goes.

    Grumpy OldmanGrumpy Oldman3 órája
  • This guy is the Michael Scott of Jeremy Clarkson.

    Dave CopeDave Cope5 órája
  • I love my boxy Ford Flex and think it sucks they aren't making them anymore. It's great on the road but definitely not an off-roader.

    Morgan LandtMorgan Landt5 órája
  • who wants a KIA?

    K BikeRiderK BikeRider7 órája
  • 22:36 Doug is the type of guy who shares a Range Rover

    mr_ctrl_xmr_ctrl_x12 órája
  • There are 40000 likes against 2100 dislikes.. that means all the guys who disliked this video are busy in the comment section and owns some shitty car which is not even worth 2100 euros😅😅

    sum matsum mat12 órája
  • I wanna know how many times hes gonna take this off-roading...

    Carl NarupCarl Narup13 órája
  • The defender is mainly big news because it's mainly not at ugly as it should be. Otherwise, it's just another value loosing import.

    C SC S14 órája
  • NICE!

    John SmithJohn Smith14 órája
  • Just get an aftermarket company to make you a set of 20inch steelies

    J.A.R. FamilyJ.A.R. Family14 órája
  • Good for you Doug. Maybe I'll sell some of my organs and do the same.

    Easy Come Easy GoEasy Come Easy Go18 órája
  • On a car buying spree. Crappy Land Rover for a daily driver? You’re really doing your best to fit in to California lifestyle of owning vehicles meant for one purpose and never using it for it. Will you be putting 22s on it? Like all the monster truck goons that spend their weekends polishing their “ultimate off-road machines”. Then some four foot tall guy climbs out of it. Then there’s the 50 something year old guy buying an old VW bus or beetle trying to relive his childhood or be the cool old California guy he never was. TFL has gone through three defenders in under two months. Two of which they never drove. Had major defects before they took delivery. Doug. You seem to be getting more and more giddy about cars. And over cars not worth it like this defender that’ll never see dirt except the dirt on the bottom of grocery bags from a dirty grocery cart.

    Dino MDino MNapja
  • Have you not seen the other page, were the guys road test new vehicles that they, buy and they have been through 3 of your vehicles and now waiting for one more

    David MackenzieDavid MackenzieNapja
    • TFL now is the web site

      David MackenzieDavid MackenzieNapja
  • For rolls Royce review huworld.info/flow/vide/xJ-gzJ_JpJO9qow

    Latest CarsLatest CarsNapja
  • I sat in one today and I get the appeal. For now I'll stick with the Lego version at Costco.

    HD SDHD SDNapja
  • How many cars does Doug have ever bought in his life? He looks like a random late 20’s guy and yet, he’s had a handful of purchases....

  • Who's going to laugh their ass off if Doug ruins his car offroading while boasting he will own it for a long time lol

    Don BinoDon BinoNapja
  • One of worst cars ever made🤘🇬🇧

    Flicki FlakFlicki FlakNapja
  • This, the GT and the RS2 is a really nice combo

  • And when that defender sits indefinitely at the dealership shop for repairs and parts that never come, I wonder what the 'Doug Score" will be?

    Mike SutherlandMike SutherlandNapja
  • Doug: "I need a luxurious, comfortable everyday vehicle." Buys a near base model Defender with cloth seats and front bench for $73K.

    no thanksno thanksNapja
  • Cool looking piece of shit

    Monika WesolowskiMonika WesolowskiNapja
  • Yea right D. You dogged a massive bullet with the 4 cylinder after watching TFL Defender disaster.

  • TFL are having huge problems with their defender

    Christian AlvarezChristian AlvarezNapja
  • Jesus that is an UGLY vehicle.

    Cody CacklerCody Cackler2 napja

    Paul RomeoPaul Romeo2 napja
  • Doug is the type of guy who makes fun of us for buying expensive cars then he goes out and drops 70 grand on a Defender! The Land Rover, it gets you there but won't get you back type of thing

    Cocora22Cocora222 napja
  • You deserve this car in Los angeles 365/24/7 😂

    GioGio2 napja
  • 🤔 i thought only wannabe rich people buy land rovers

    Alex J.GAlex J.G2 napja
  • Hmm…sorry, but this version looks pedestrian. Four cylinder w/ steel wheels and explorer pack is acres cooler:)

    TigicoTigico2 napja
  • also, the real reason you got the land rover over the bronco was tax purposes. the bronco isnt out before the end of the year

    Brodinecubs1Brodinecubs12 napja
  • in what world is that a bench seat? Those are buckets with a horrible looking middle seat lol

    Brodinecubs1Brodinecubs12 napja
  • Doug, don’t force yourself to buy a suv that won’t last a year let alone a lifetime without being on a car lift at some point

    Ryan BruckhartRyan Bruckhart2 napja
  • Can’t wait for the video of him selling it on cars and bids in 18 months haha

    Joey LavoieJoey Lavoie2 napja
  • well ill be damned.... I never knew that defender could look this awesome!

    Interesting WorldInteresting World2 napja
  • what's hilarious is that Doug has a 1 car garage at home ,with a tiny amount of off street parking. not that he needs a 6 car garage ,but a 1 car garage? And ,no it's inner San diego ,so he can;t build one

    Kevin StreelhaugenKevin Streelhaugen2 napja
  • I truly love your spec. I’m in love I really want one. You should vlog any problems you have with it. As revenue you know? Lol. Would you have to pay for labor under that warranty? It’d be nice if you made a video on it. Like when you bought that CarMax Rover

  • Suzuki Jimny 👀

    iam_zaferiam_zafer2 napja
  • Why didn't you get the athermic windshield, being in such a hot climate? In fact I don't think I've ever seen any car with athermic windshield on your channel. Is there some US regluarion which forbids it? And since you didn't wait for the Bronco because it's too offroady why did you get the Defender, which is one of the most capable offroaders, as you said yourself? And why did you get every offroady option if you don't need it?

    Dimitur MladenovDimitur Mladenov2 napja
  • Wow, congrats!.

    The NordicThe Nordic2 napja
  • Its junk watch video below huworld.info/flow/vide/r2ux1YHbmNa7oYCit

    Robert morelandRobert moreland2 napja
  • Worst specked/looking defender I've seen. I would've gone the the new EV Hummer. 1000 hp- 17k torque.C'mon Youll be lucky to get 10k miles before this becomes a regret. Good luck.

    Rich PerryRich Perry2 napja
  • He forgot bout the Suzuki Jimny the mini g wagon

    Arian KajolliArian Kajolli2 napja
  • Why in the world would you do that it’s more unreliable than a fat girl trying to get healthy while eating hot Cheetos

    Jtown4591Jtown45912 napja

    Little Viking coachLittle Viking coach2 napja
  • Yes Doug, great choice

    Bumba ClatBumba Clat2 napja
  • “Me I My Me Me My I I “ Kho🤫Kho🤫Kho🤫

    Uno NanoUno Nano2 napja
  • Doug, stop crying over the steel wheels. You're a grown man.

    Skyjuice70Skyjuice702 napja
  • X1.25 thank me later

    The J4BIRACUSThe J4BIRACUS2 napja
  • Let me clarify on the poll, because some people were confused

    Ally EspinozaAlly Espinoza2 napja
  • U T I L I T A R I A N

    Blake BaileyBlake Bailey2 napja
  • Why this over the new Ford Bronco?

    QuinnUltraQuinnUltra3 napja
  • wow the kia was fast. I just saw the video and its now gone. Why did you dispose the kia?

    mang gyver diy channelmang gyver diy channel3 napja
  • You should buy a Rivian R1S SUV when they come out Doug. You'd be making a great statement, not using gas, and having a hell of a lot of fun in a truly advanced vehicle made in Michigan and California. Southern Cal has a great charging infrastructure. We have to go to zero emission vehicles which are superior in every way whether they're electric or Hydrogen. Thanks for your great channel.

    PJHey66PJHey663 napja
  • I now feel sorry for you.

    Glen DeKokerGlen DeKoker3 napja
  • To be honest... this car is SHIT! Just about taste! Technically full shit!

    MerlinMoorloMerlinMoorlo3 napja
  • Nah. He just bought it so he can make videos about it as it breaks.

    debendra gurungdebendra gurung3 napja
  • Maybe I'm just dreaming but I'm pretty sure they sell 12v (cigarette outlet) tire compressors. Soo your reason for getting a suv with a built-in air compressor is basically nonsense and sounds like your just making a BS video for views. And literally every reason, other than being a comfortable on-road driver, was for off-roading but then in the end you said all you wanted was a daily on-road driver. And BTW we usually aren't laughing with you...

    SprDprParatrooprSprDprParatroopr3 napja
  • F these naysayers I am British and would never have seen the "quirks and features " of all the cars you have spent time and money to bring to us . Totally unique dude with a unique vision . I thank you you on behalf of all,the British fans !!! Carry on Sir Doug of Muroshire !!

    Justin HallJustin Hall3 napja
  • Give this man some "STEEL WHEELZ"

    omarashry007omarashry0073 napja
  • we are all so excited this car fits your purposes! : ) I have a headache now..

    Ryan EdwardsRyan Edwards3 napja
  • this guy should stick with computers..

    Ryan EdwardsRyan Edwards3 napja
  • please stop talking!!

    Ryan EdwardsRyan Edwards3 napja
  • The Fast Land Truck: our Land Rover Defender needs a new motor after 167 miles Doug: THIS is my new Land Rover Defender that I bought with my own money.

    BargainteersBargainteers3 napja
  • It's not a bench seat, dude.

    Timpala44Timpala444 napja
  • Big mistake

    Dave SunderlandDave Sunderland4 napja
  • God he loves the sound of his own voice should just have got on with it instead of talking crap

    Jim McCarronJim McCarron4 napja
  • welp the prices on that warranty extension is going to up because of this guy :D

    Thomas TellingThomas Telling4 napja
  • Great choice on getting extended warranty for your new defender

    philip taitphilip tait4 napja
  • Good looking vehicle. Congratulations.

    gwynn romanogwynn romano4 napja
  • TAKE NOTE: All those that think they’re getting rich from HUworld videos.....listen to what Doug said. Even the man who may be the biggest HUworld auto channel cannot afford a $100,000 vehicle. All those others people with all the big money....HUworld is just the equivalent of the old rich lady with a boutique shop at the beach: it’s a write off! They were way rich before! Just a great time to point that put since Doug brought it up!

    WeatherWarriorWeatherWarrior4 napja
  • Doug's a freakin millionaire, so the fact he sold Kia and got the Defender sounds rather good.

    Sosna and the FamilySosna and the Family4 napja
  • skip to 16:51 to see Doug do a swoopy dance...

    Andrew MansonAndrew Manson4 napja
  • To many words.

    Ernest TaylorErnest Taylor4 napja
  • Awesome car...

    Hector NashHector Nash4 napja
  • Guess he doesn't watch TFL...

    Zach MZach M4 napja
  • That bench seat! Eeehhhiiicckk. Why God Why?

    Kevin WettengelKevin Wettengel4 napja
  • Dont you shit on land rover pretty regularly ... then you go ahead and buy one brand new ? Doug's lost touch.

    Rook EtRook Et4 napja
  • My rule # 1 for car buying, avoid European cars. There are too many other reliable choices.

    srobg1956srobg19564 napja
  • What in the hell are those body colour matched squares on the rear glass?

    TtotheCFizzleTtotheCFizzle4 napja
  • I have owned a Chrysler by Chrystler from 1991 to 2008 if your wondering the Chrysler by Chrysler is an Australian Chrysler valiant

    Simon VanzellaSimon Vanzella4 napja
  • was it just me or did anyone else realize "www.JaguarLandRoverCarlsbad.com" breaks into "www. Jaguar Land Rover Car Is Bad" ? Yeah, not the best marketing work of the century here.

    Dulsara KumarageDulsara Kumarage4 napja
  • Are you sure that's not a Kia Soul?

    : D: D4 napja
  • I thought he would've gone with the Bronco

    H-whenH-when4 napja
  • Nobody: Doug: STEEL WHEELS

    Isaac TaneIsaac Tane4 napja
  • Endless chines money pit Toyota 4Runner baby

    E PizE Piz4 napja
  • 22:14 you sound like my dad trying to justify his car addiction to my mom lmao

    Ian HinkleIan Hinkle5 napja
  • What a shame there is such a poor selection of colours available

    Steven bellSteven bell5 napja
  • WTF that front middle seat is UGLY!

    Jamie LancasterJamie Lancaster5 napja
  • I can visualise Scotty Kilmer yelling *ENDLESS MONEY PIT!* from the top of the mountains in Tennessee

    Hugh RussellHugh Russell5 napja
  • front bench is for the honey

    William NolanWilliam Nolan5 napja
  • Kia is not a cool car. It’s a budget daily bucket to get from point A to point B for people that has no interest in driving.

    Karl KarlKarl Karl5 napja
  • One word: UGLY!!!

    Karl KarlKarl Karl5 napja
  • Doug: i provide amazing reviews of cars that many people feel useful for their decisions and built millions of fans. Also Doug: i am gonna buy a shitty land rover that no one can afford that’s gonna last 2 years max.

    J.D. CallawayJ.D. Callaway5 napja
  • Sheldons car reviews..

    David BellDavid Bell5 napja
  • Hey Doug. How's your experience with the defender since TFL seem to be getting Friday cars and they are depressing me especially since they rejected a refund but they insist on putting up video after video?

    Khaya DlaminiKhaya Dlamini5 napja
  • It's ho'in alright. lol.

    Jason WJason W5 napja
  • It's still a LandRover...ergo, it's still a piece of sh!t, warranty or not.

    el garel gar5 napja
  • I heard, they're always broken, according to the fast lane car.

    SHAZOM zom.finance .SHAZOM zom.finance .5 napja
  • Doug, how much did you paid for the warranty policy ? I think JLR intentionally make their cars unreliable so they can sell more service contracts.

    W SongW Song5 napja