Here's Why the Mercedes S500 W140 Is the Best S-Class Ever

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The "W140" Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the best S-Class ever. Today I'm going to show you why the 1990s S-Class is the best one by reviewing this S500, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the W140 S-Class -- an impressive car that pioneered a lot of technology. I'm also going to get the W140 S-Class out on the road and see how it drives.
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  • I had 4 of these and love this car. W220 sucks comparable to this beast.

    Oz DiazOz Diaz8 órája
  • They should have cleaned the interior first.

    Hans van GelderHans van GelderNapja
  • I love this guy for that "Ttddtthiiissss" at the beginning of every video :)

    Karol KoneckiKarol KoneckiNapja
  • The owner might want to get ammo nyc to give that car a decent paint correction

  • The W140 and W124 were the last of their kind....before the cost cutting started with their successors( W220 and W210)

    turnneturnne2 napja
  • rear headrest not returning on car was on a 400SE here, cant remember exactly what we did to mend em but they work now problem free

    Sanny FolkessonSanny Folkesson2 napja
  • That trunk look like someone painted it with a paintbrush

    Chef DeezeChef Deeze2 napja
  • Doug its a Di killer Its a 1 Star Car Doug Sure its got this and that But i would rather be in a Volvo Head to Head thats what Keve Skelly said Kiwi shoe Dye

    Steve KellySteve Kelly3 napja
  • Best car worst paint!

    Mara ClaudiuMara Claudiu3 napja
  • The general shape of the car returned in some models but also other manufacturers

    paul jr cartypaul jr carty3 napja
  • Trunk has very horrible paint job

  • 1:05 what car is?

  • Double pane is also harder to break

    paul jr cartypaul jr carty4 napja
  • LoL first gen 89 to 93 Toyota Celsior / Lexus LS400 already has powered mirrors, Mercedes not the first.

    TommyBoyZTommyBoyZ5 napja
  • The rear is def. sprayed by DIY.

    Rick2010100Rick20101005 napja
  • People didnt liked the Design back then and it didnt sell well? How can it be the back s class?

    Pink PantherPink Panther5 napja
  • Hello Doug you should do the 1988 BMW 750il it has the same things these cars were competition way back then, I had both

    William ClarkWilliam Clark5 napja
  • 9:42 my 2016 Buick Encore AWD leather with two tone saddle interior - has the same little cloth bits to stop crap from falling between the console and the seat...just sayin'...

    Rodney J WelthamRodney J Weltham5 napja
  • > you found a wishbone in your turkey. 🦃 > you wished for ____ luck. - if you chose the option with the most votes, you’ll get the opposite. if you chose the option with the least votes, you’ll get the opposite.

    matt kimmatt kim6 napja
  • I had a 01 s430 and the rear view mirror moved with the seat memory.

    Will HuntWill Hunt7 napja
  • Naaaahh! It's the W220 bro; miles ahead in looks, comfort, performance and even reliability.

    Autobahn Vault, LLCAutobahn Vault, LLC7 napja
  • Ah, the rare optional BRUSHED TAR FINISH.

    PandamasquePandamasque9 napja
  • Who did this bad paintjob on this w140

    mercedes450SELmercedes450SEL10 napja
  • I have two of these babies - LOVED every minute of driving them and working on them - These are tanks - I am willing to sell both of them to a person that will guarantee to keep them running and give it care as I did. Let me know if you want to buy them - both are 1992 500SEL the more v8s.

    EzaarkashEzaarkash10 napja
  • I mean it even has an ( *airbag* )!!?

    Elias AlghamdiElias Alghamdi10 napja
  • s-class not for driver it for boss

    lê hùnglê hùng11 napja
  • Thisss! Is the worst paint job on the best Mercedes ever!

    caroll baskencaroll basken11 napja
  • Its the best because Zámbó Jimmy owned one of these.

    Levente VassLevente Vass11 napja
  • isn't this a re run???

    Random DinosaurRandom Dinosaur11 napja
  • Dedicated to princess of Wales

    Matthew BykowskiMatthew Bykowski11 napja
  • My grandpa bought one. It was so expensive! But the build quality was extremely impressive. But it depreciated FAST!

    George PPSGeorge PPS12 napja
  • See ,there were S-class in the 90´s and you´ve paid a fortune to buy a 70´s developed mercedes in the 90´s for a litle fortune ,hope you learn something with it, regards

    Rui CameiraRui Cameira12 napja
  • This particular one has all the typical mercedes features. 1-year out of date tags, massive curb rash on all 4 wheels, peeling trim pieces, orange peel textured paint on most body panels, crappy steering wheel cover, and a disintegrating interior.

    Henry AtkinsonHenry Atkinson13 napja
  • i had a mercedes that you seat and when you insert the key, the steering wheel and the seat goes to the position i previous adjusted for my driving position but when i enter the car i almost can walk in. Everything is at the far position it can. The noise it makes when the keys of the car phone are pressed is to help blind people to hear the number they pressed, each sound is associated with a number on the dialer, but i never understood how can a blind man drive a large and long mercedes S-class, german engeniering .Oh, well! regards and stay safe

    Rui CameiraRui Cameira13 napja
  • it´s a good car but not the best S-class , i thing the best S-class is the released in 1973 the 500 SE, this one i found it very good ,that´s why i don´t believe in the story they tell about the crash where the so-called princess Dyana of england died in a place inside a car like this that even a normal car wouldn´t had problems, excluding the daewoo(or chevrolet) matiz and in this car "they say" it entered in a tunnel at 140 km´s /h and that´s why the professional driver crashed and dyana was filmed still with life in the car after the crash asking for help, having died before the emergency vehicules arrive ,also the only survivor that all the press around the world wanted to interview him to know what really happened, when he left the hospital the only permanent injurie was that somehow is tongue was cut off, so he couldn´t speak ,then nowhere to be found .The only thing that i found amazing is everybody was satisfied with the oficial version of the facts and blamed the paparazis, wich is stupid and at the same time sad, this car didn´t any problem of entering this tunel inside the city of Paris. If you can, go there and see for yourselves. They say that were under the influence of cocaine and alcohol , i never had problems with it and in this car that it was at the time one of the safest cars in the world. I drove both diesel version and gasoline and at 160km´s an hour it seems or gives the feeling that is stopped .No one question´s this? very strange or not? Regards and stay safe

    Rui CameiraRui Cameira13 napja
  • I need one!

  • Why couldn't they just put the battery in the battery-sized slot where they put the "battery in trunk" sign?

    Yeg0r7Yeg0r715 napja
  • This is actually called Mercedes Genscher.

    Mad AntMad Ant16 napja
  • Another great Mercedes built with no regards to cost was the Mercedes 600 it was sold from 1964 all the way to 1980, as a result It was one of the most expensive cars to roll out of the 60s in 1964 Mercedes Benz was charging $25,000 a piece for them jay lenno has a 72 model year you should check it out.

    Rylee NewlandRylee Newland16 napja
  • Tthhissss - is generally, the worst car review ever. Now, the attached one is very much befitting a W-140, well informed and using a fine example of the S500 W-140. I am not going to cheerlead for Demuro just because he has done some good work in the past. Tthissss - was lazy, my 'Doug' score: .3/100 for not being in a Speedo.

    Aaron DeanAaron Dean16 napja
  • Hey Doug. It looks like the owner has two different sized tires on so be aware of that affecting the ride

    Romeo Griggs-TaylorRomeo Griggs-Taylor17 napja
  • The W140 was somehow better to drive than the W116, and maybe even the W126, which were already good enough. I am kinda confused.

    Ana Claudia RochaAna Claudia Rocha17 napja
    • no confusion at all , istill prefer to drive the 1973 500SE , and the next in the 80´s was kind of more better in handling but in a certain point it´s impossible to improve so they make it work diferent and some prefer the modern way ,others as I prefer the old way of driving ,it was safest and not fake, regards and stay safe(os meus cumprimentos e que tenhas saúde)

      Rui CameiraRui Cameira13 napja
  • Regardin climate control... I sow an Audi 500 made for US market with digital display automatic air conditioning system. The car was made in 1988.

    Relaxing in natureRelaxing in nature17 napja
    • Yes, it was a bit old style at the time, but audi it´s just a VW with some improvements but in the 70´s they were the same,only the badge changed, they wanted to copy the lancia´s wich had in early 80´s already automatic air conditioned, normally they follow the mercedes but around 10 years after mercedes release one feature ,other brands in 10 or 20 years will copy those features from old mercedes, regards and stay safe

      Rui CameiraRui Cameira13 napja
  • MB W140 - the King of S-Class

    MeraboyMeraboy18 napja
  • thank you so much for showing the torque in Nm

    STROMBA420STROMBA42018 napja
  • The last Benz which was built more like a tank than a car

    Castle GamingCastle Gaming19 napja
  • He kept saying almost 30 years ago and I’m a 90s baby. Stop reminding me I’m gonna be 30 soon

    MrMarko302MrMarko30220 napja
  • When are you going to review the 2021S 550?

    David CarreraDavid Carrera20 napja
  • wtf who did that paintjob

    iso 9001iso 900120 napja
  • Jesus Doug, you couldn't find a better example of such a legendary car?

    Alex ZAlex Z20 napja
  • Also that memory button remembers the steering wheel position (besides the seat and mirrors)

    Valeria ToloconnicovValeria Toloconnicov21 napja
  • Review the W140 Coupe with the V12.

    K DK D22 napja
  • What a terrible paintjob on the trunklid!

    G GrundmannG Grundmann22 napja
  • Neat... How 'bout a Vanderhall?

    Nathan PurifoyNathan Purifoy23 napja
  • ffffdiss

    Damjan StojanovskiDamjan Stojanovski23 napja
  • Even a COVID 19 era new babies born will love to have this car later on ..

    Hussain. THussain. T23 napja
  • The Nissan 300ZX had a digital temp display for the climate control

    Bucky FidenBucky Fiden25 napja
  • Finally a car with worse paint than a Tesla

    Bucky FidenBucky Fiden25 napja
  • Windshield on headlights is for snow

    Chris LambChris Lamb25 napja
  • The double windows was to prevent fogging up the window

    Chris LambChris Lamb25 napja
  • that car need a detailer urgently

    climatixseucheclimatixseuche26 napja
  • BMW E38 styling 9/10. Mercedes-Benz W140 Styling 5/10. Wow

    ValchaValcha26 napja
  • Looks like they used rattle cans to paint the car

    Ruslan ZRuslan Z27 napja
  • Whats wrong with the paint wtf

    vdgggamevdgggame27 napja
  • This is called *luxury car"

    Clayton LesterClayton Lester27 napja
  • if this car is long wheelbase then it is a v140 not a w140

    Wind ShieldWind Shield27 napja
  • Love this

    ColdBoltzColdBoltz28 napja
  • Yes, it really is the best

    German BeerGerman Beer28 napja
  • It looks awful, easily the worst looking sedan Mercedes have ever made.

    Henry DisciplineHenry Discipline29 napja
  • Thiiiissss 🤣🤣

    Mario XpMario Xp29 napja
  • Sorry, but the las great Mercedes, was the W126. The W140 it’s full of electronics that brings headaches. Also the W201 and the W123 were the last great Mercedes on their class. I’ve owned some of them and know them.

    OttoKolbenOttoKolben29 napja
  • 25:47 drops of coronavirus

    adrianp346915adrianp34691529 napja
  • Piece of sad history, this is the car that killed princess Diana and Dodi Fayed

    Gorilla Chilla ProductionGorilla Chilla Production29 napja
  • I've been hesitant to watch this video. 30 secs into it and have to stop. Too painful to watch because I used to own a W140 but had to let it go. As Scotty Kilmer says, endless money pit! So many problems and I kept paying them cause the car is so beautiful, spent $3K one year thinking that would be it, no more problems. But nope, car started shaking and fuel consumption went through the roof! I had to let it go. Such a beautiful car, very regretful to let go. There is nothing like a Mercedes S Class.

  • Paintjob looks like orange skin, no way this is first paint.

  • You don’t know what you’re talking about! Your scores are not anywhere near accurate!

    TriPyramid PicturesTriPyramid PicturesHónapja
  • Princess Diana did not die in a car like that, she died in a Mercedes S280.

    TriPyramid PicturesTriPyramid PicturesHónapja
  • You didn’t mention the vanity mirrors in the back either

    TriPyramid PicturesTriPyramid PicturesHónapja
  • The front seat head rest go up and down power.

    TriPyramid PicturesTriPyramid PicturesHónapja
  • 911 will still work on the phone though. Also, Acura Legend had the soft close doors.

    TriPyramid PicturesTriPyramid PicturesHónapja
  • This is best beacuse it is "deutschland über alles" car !

    veli dagliveli dagliHónapja
  • I Love Mercedes-Benz

    David Mall's GarageDavid Mall's GarageHónapja
  • horrible paint job

    Jose TorresJose TorresHónapja
  • This car is repainted very badly from back side

    Harleen singh BabraHarleen singh BabraHónapja
  • People keep repeating these foolish legends,like "Mercedes wanted to make the best car of the world,no matter what it costs".Nonsense,they have never done that.Some call this model most overrated,can´t tell,but I can tell you that w220 ,too,is well made car.I think Doug hates how it looks?

    • @Elvis Bosak So,they considered the cost after all?Seriously,it was built with great effort and money,but there were all kind of hassle and the development of V12 engine must have cost extramoney.It´s reliability and built quality(or design)of some parts is not that legendary,according to some owners and dealers.Some even say w220 is more reliable.Nevertheless,great car,and I´m a fan too,believe it or not.

    • I think you don't know what you're talking about.This model cost his main engineer his job as it was too expensive.

      Elvis BosakElvis BosakHónapja
  • Did they paint this car with a brush?

    Maxim LeeMaxim LeeHónapja
  • It’s so good car

    mohamad aqrawemohamad aqraweHónapja
  • This car's paint finish is about to give me a heart attack

    Charles MorrisonCharles MorrisonHónapja
  • those storage areas look like a good place to put a gun

  • The reason why the rear passenger seat bottom has a seat switch Germany had a limousine with captains chairs that would use the switch. Ps I’m also a Mercedes shop Forman

    Marc GomezMarc GomezHónapja
    • 140 s 600

      Marc GomezMarc GomezHónapja
  • I don't get the acceleration rating. What does it take to score a 2?

    King WhombatKing WhombatHónapja
  • Poor benz's been spray painted.

    Dave turboDave turboHónapja
  • W140 is the king of Mercedes

  • I swear if I have to hear about 'cars and bids' one more flipping time...

    Par LjungstromPar LjungstromHónapja
  • When you speak too much saliva is spraying out

    Mohamed MarzukMohamed MarzukHónapja
  • Hialeah bodywork and paint job.

  • most hated mercedes design at least by the early-mid 90's in eastearn europe this car was the embodier of a fucking mobster. might be a good car though...

    Lord BostitchLord BostitchHónapja
  • W140 stands for 140 cylinders

  • this car is famous around drug dealers in my country

    youssef ballochyoussef ballochHónapja
  • seems like germans are very creative or something, sort of knew about thr future or what

    A AbA AbHónapja