Here’s Why the 2021 Genesis GV80 Is a Serious Luxury SUV Contender

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The 2021 Genesis GV80 is a new luxury SUV -- and today I'm reviewing the GV80. I'm going to review the 2021 GV80, show you all the quirks and features of the Genesis GV80, and then I'm going to drive the new GV80 and let you know what I think of it on the road.
Genesis G80 Review:
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  • The biggest quirk of the video being Doug jumping besides the GV80 for performing the smart- park😀👍🏼

    SM GAMINGSM GAMING28 perccel
  • Rip everyone in the “turd row”

    OrpheusOrpheus2 órája
  • doesn't even have a VGA port, shame shame.

    mrdaxtercranemrdaxtercrane3 órája
  • 8:08 "there are no charge points in the third row" Isn't that one right there on the bottom left at 8:34?

    TeddingtonTeddington4 órája
  • Funny how Doug is so excited about the power 3rd row seat backs that he has "never seen in any vehicle at any price point." I've said it before and I'll say it again... DO YOUR RESEARCH DOUG!!! You know that car company that you dump on so much saying they are cheap and have poor quality and lack features? You know, the one that your beloved Daimler Benz did a hostile takeover on, leached everything they could from and then left for dead? Yeah, that one... Chrysler. The "cheap, poor quality, corner-cutting" Chrysler offered an automatic power 3rd row with power reclining seat backs in the Town and Country starting all the way back in 2008. That's right, 13 MODEL YEARS AGO!! And it is still available on the Chrysler Pacifica. RESEARCH DOUG!!! Google is your friend.

    Ryan KochRyan Koch4 órája
  • 9:05 yep this has no chargers I see a 12 volt

    Marco CanibanoMarco Canibano6 órája
  • this moment when you own Gl550 and you wanna sell it and get genesis😂

    greg daligreg dali8 órája
  • Doug DeMuro: *"Only Genesis is doing steering wheels like this right now"* Skoda Octavia IV: Am I a joke to you?

    AutomationAutomation9 órája
    • Well the skoda isn't available in america so that technically is true

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez9 órája
  • Beautiful Car

    Rafen MambweRafen Mambwe11 órája
  • Hyundai 10 year warranty

    Panama JayPanama Jay15 órája
  • This car doesn't comes with VGA port. What a bad car!

    JCDMAN23JCDMAN2315 órája
    • @Automation LOL, you don't get my reference. Watch cs188

      JCDMAN23JCDMAN238 órája

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez9 órája
    • @Automation it's a joke from someone else video

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez9 órája
    • Who uses VGA in 2020 and soon to be 2021? VGA is outdated, just like US regulations.

      AutomationAutomation9 órája
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    Leon MaliniakLeon Maliniak16 órája
  • [🇰🇷 revving] [🇰🇷 intensifies]

    Matt MusgroveMatt Musgrove17 órája
  • Awful review. He didn't even pee on the 2001 Jizz V80.

    DoorknobDoorknob18 órája
  • Ah, the 2001 Jizz V80!

    Richard GadberryRichard Gadberry19 órája
  • That background noise is useful if you are being driven around or chauffeured. You might want to chill, but not not have awkward silence. Also I can see myself using the fireplace sound, it gets cold and snowy here.

    Touch me OverlordTouch me Overlord19 órája
  • 1:31 woah woah woah where's the 3 litre straight 6 diesel? or did hyundai usa decide to not introduce the diesel version at all?

    Cobra_コブラCobra_コブラ22 órája
    • Thank stick emissions standard most diesels available around the world don't meet the US standards

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez9 órája
  • THIS is the new 2021 Jizz V80

    Cobra_コブラCobra_コブラ22 órája

    Charlie GarciaCharlie GarciaNapja
  • Thissss......... is the shoebox style 3rd row of the 2021 Genesis GV80.

    DJ AfterMatHDJ AfterMatHNapja
    • Turd row

      Y4123Y412315 órája
  • Is it just me, or does the interior look like a Rolls Royce. not that I'm complaining.

    Blitz _StudiosBlitz _StudiosNapja
  • That thing will be in the junkyard before my GX is even broken in.

    • @Erick Sanchez that’s for sure, I don’t even the German garbage cars anymore, they’re really just fashion accessories

      houstoncowdoghoustoncowdog8 órája
    • It will defeneatly last longer than the germans since its technically a hyundai

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez9 órája
  • GENESIS is luxury + sporty

    i cloudi cloudNapja
  • My 2010 Sequoia has 3rd row power reclining seats and is 11 years older than this gv80. @ the 6 min mark you said you've never seen that at any price point. I invite you to come review my 2010 Sequoia! It might surprise you!

    E DoubleE DoubleNapja
  • Anyone here from cs188?

    Chance ecnahCChance ecnahCNapja
    • Me

      Y4123Y412315 órája
    • yeah

  • OMG, can't wait for review of the best version of CLS!

    Michael JanickiMichael JanickiNapja
  • There was a 12v car charger in the trunk but you said that there wasn’t any in the back

    Aevin SorianoAevin SorianoNapja
  • Imagine your kids grab the car keys.. that car is not gonna be in the same spot

    • Imagine you murdering other people's kids. That's typical men.

      AutomationAutomation9 órája
  • Cs188 Thanks for the recommendation

    The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin2 napja
  • Dougs the type of guy to report a ytp for being stupid.

    Deano JohnsDeano Johns2 napja
    • Lets not jump to conclusions

      The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin2 napja
  • Who's from that YTP?

    DCinACDCinAC2 napja
    • Cs188 is a legend

      The Conductor EsplinThe Conductor Esplin2 napja

    ツPlasmaツPlasma2 napja
  • According to this other review I watched I can eject my kids, was that an add-on feature?

    Schwagger DaggerSchwagger Dagger2 napja
    • This is the wrong model that feature comes in the jizzv80

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez9 órája
    • @Frozen Kebab and the turd row seating

      Y4123Y412315 órája
    • Don't forget the exploding back seats

      Frozen KebabFrozen KebabNapja
  • you live in a tiny butt

    cloudycloudy2 napja

    jaysongp18jaysongp182 napja
  • Cs188 brought us here

    12345fuckyou678912345fuckyou67892 napja
  • CS188 FTW

    MiguelMiguel2 napja
  • cs188 brought me back here!

    Igor de CamposIgor de Campos2 napja
  • This video is a Butt 40 out of 10! (a cs188 reference....LOL!)

  • B U T T C O U N T E R: ♾

    GoBobeGoBobe2 napja
    • LOL

      The Pro GamerThe Pro Gamer2 napja
  • This car approved by cs188

    Barryd HeilBarryd Heil2 napja
    • yup, with a drugscore of 188 and a buttscore of 40

      Alicroc MSAlicroc MSNapja
  • Who's here from cs180 youtube poop of him lol damn i got 38 likes wtf

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    • *CLICK* nice

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    • Me!!

      Michael NicklMichael NicklNapja
    • Me! 😁

    • Meeeeee

      Roki SteelRoki SteelNapja
    • Me!

      Carson FolioCarson Folio2 napja
  • The new G70 will include a performance variant. They're saving it for that model. The rest are luxury first. Odd his ratings don't correlate with any other I've seen in the industry. Since his are subjective and not measured results I guess that's okay. Motortrend, Kelly BB etc , you know. New G70 is out in N Korea. Asian Petrolhead has the business early anything Hyundai Motor Group is producing btw 😉.

    Tech PappeeTech Pappee2 napja
  • That GV80 looks like something from 1980.

    K CK C2 napja
  • Lexus, sporty ? like one model the rest is all about riding a reliable boat wraped in leather.

    Dili DidliDili Didli2 napja
  • I love how Doug thinks that the average American is a string bean giant! Lmao 😂

    Izzy heyizzyheyIzzy heyizzyhey2 napja
  • Are they reliable and durable like Japanese brand for the price like Lexus or Acura etc etc

    subhan arifsubhan arif2 napja
    • @subhan arif while I can't confirm this but I heard since it's a hyundai they are more reliable then the germans like the bmw,audi, and mercedes

      Erick SanchezErick Sanchez9 órája
    • @LoLplayer thank you sir for the information

      subhan arifsubhan arif2 napja
    • they have good warrenty

      LoLplayerLoLplayer2 napja
  • God this guy is annoying as hell. Why Carscoops keeps posting these are beyond me. Maybe they don’t have any hearing because the squeaks are like a 12 year old going through puberty. Just piercingly annoying.

    Brent SBrent S2 napja
  • Wait, the car parks itself but only goes forward and backward? So to use it, you line everything up and then get out and hit a button? Um, why not just back it up yourself since you're already sitting in the driver's seat? It the cars on the left and right are parked so close that you don't have room to get out once parked, enjoy the door dings.

    Rick LyonRick Lyon2 napja
  • TheeeeeeeiiiisssSss!!

    Wan ChoiWan Choi2 napja
  • these videos are so informative

    Aidan COOPERAidan COOPER2 napja
  • doug is afraid to grow old lololol

    ilker290ilker2903 napja
  • for christ sake can you please talk about the comfort?!?!? literally babble on about how its not sporty and how they aren't trying to make a sport SUV. Talk about the comfort vs another luxury SUV, because we all get it. We know its for comfort so try to focus on the noise levels, harshness, vibrations. "its comfortable and not sporty so its for old people" is all you have to say about this and certain cars like Lexus.

    ilker290ilker2903 napja
  • Yawn!!!!!

    Mentally Challenged VikingMentally Challenged Viking3 napja
  • The thing I hate about the car is that it only has a half digital gauge cluster like the Nissan kicks

    Leonardo MoralesLeonardo Morales3 napja
  • BMW + Benz killer.

    Roberts TVRoberts TV3 napja
  • Great perspective on reviewing a car's features. I just find Doug's speaking too fast. Official coffee provided by......

    TeslaTidbits KnowTeslaTidbits Know3 napja
  • Doug: you’re only gonna use the third row seats if you have a lotta kids. Me: bro I AM A KID.

    TSBWN -_-TSBWN -_-3 napja
  • At 9:01 of your video we can see a socket says 12V just beside the seat belt, isn't that can be used for traditional charging plug. Or you just include the USB types?

    Vikas SinghVikas Singh3 napja
  • I love this channel & think Doug is probably a great guy irl. I only have one question about something that bothers me... Has anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of ads/commercials in Doug's videos lately???

  • Hey Doug, just as you were saying the was nowhere to plug in your mobile devices in the third row and you pointed out that the driver side third row passenger didn't get a storage compartment what did I see? Well a 12V 180W electrical port, maybe you can plug in you mobile device there. . .

    Mark LeingruenerMark Leingruener4 napja
  • I think you should have mentioned that the top model comes with a Twin Turbo V-6!!!

    Jorge PiJorge Pi4 napja
  • Any one care if you see out the back any more?

    Francis SaffellFrancis Saffell4 napja
  • I've been waiting on the GV80 and wanted to get the 3 row version. I can't believe that the 3rd row option isn't available at the top trim level. Also, if I do go for the version with the 3rd row, I don't get a full digital dash. I don't understand why they change things up like this for the US market. Needless to say, I test drove the top of the line GV80 yesterday and it is quite impressive. Now I have to decide what to do next.

    Deal With NeilDeal With Neil4 napja
  • Hmmm... I got a Genesis ad, Guess HUworld’s ad system is quite a bit more sophisticated than I thought.

    J. LuoJ. Luo4 napja
  • Just trash.....that is not a car

    아침은삼겹살아침은삼겹살4 napja
  • 14:25 you like to get peed on? Guy likes to get peed, doesn't help me none. - Joe Dirte reference.

    Bryce SmithBryce Smith4 napja
  • This guy could make a career doing TV half-hour commercials for health care products.

    Terry MelvinTerry Melvin5 napja
  • tHiS

    00BM0000BM005 napja
  • The chrysler pacifica ...way back in 2017...started incorporating power reclining 3rd row seats with power stow its a nice feature to have but you can also but a 2017 used chrysler pacifica limited for

    stunnerdocstunnerdoc5 napja
  • The G80 has a higher score than the GV80 lol.

    SHAZOM .SHAZOM .5 napja
  • Doug...super disappointed in you. Of all people, you should know of the "one spoke" steering wheels from Merc S-Classes / Maybach? from ~2016. That opening at the bottom middle is the ideal spot to place your hand for longer trips...

    alexandergoldmanalexandergoldman5 napja
  • At 21:00...couldn't DISAGREE with you more. You slap the 22" rims that come stock on the vehicle and the driving dynamics change. You option the MATTE paint and this looks like it's for someone in their 30's who made a fortunate cashing in some of their stock options.. For me, hope to have one with those 22" shoes...cuz those wheels completely transform the look of the vehicle

    alexandergoldmanalexandergoldman5 napja
  • at 17:55...the speed and efficiency is strangely satisfying...

    alexandergoldmanalexandergoldman5 napja
  • Should have reviewed the vehicle with the 22" rims... makes such a big difference. Awesome looking whip... Hope to pick one up in a few years..

    alexandergoldmanalexandergoldman5 napja
  • Road noise??

    Tariq DaudTariq Daud5 napja
  • *Engine recall. Cheap materials. Horrible resale value. Ugly WTF? styling.* *I'll take old-school luxury any day over this street Kimchi* 😆👎

    NightbirdNightbird5 napja
  • don't know the second row looks tight as well

    Chris SChris S5 napja
  • Doesn't have the Luxury pack. We only get one option here in Oz, the one you have or the luxury pack one, plus a straight 6 diesel.

    JJSJJS5 napja
  • People talking sh*t just because it's manufactured by Hyundai...stick a Mercedes symbol on it and the same people would have been sucking the tailpipe.😒

    jayjaylenchase75jayjaylenchase755 napja
  • It looks much better than Lexus

    네임드악플러네임드악플러6 napja
  • Ugly

    christian guzmanchristian guzman6 napja
  • Review gls 63 amg please doug

  • All right but this is Genesis is pure junk I know I have one and I bought it new

    David MccannDavid Mccann6 napja
  • Ford/Lincoln have power reclining 3rd row seats.

    Victor TJ LuceroVictor TJ Lucero6 napja
  • my cousin loves this car he has it and he 27 so i guese some young people are going to buy this.

    Cornelius Reed Jr.Cornelius Reed Jr.6 napja
  • This thing looks like a combination of a lincoln, a porsche, and a bentley...

    LongrunQBJKLongrunQBJK6 napja
  • Too much chrome for me. Get rid of the chrome and I would like the exterior much more. Hopefully they’ll come out with a “black” model.

    MrAtilleskMrAtillesk6 napja
  • Hyundai and Kia are killing it in 2020! Can't wait to see what they are in 10 years.

  • At 9:00 there actually a car charger port it behind the seat blet

    ExcaliburExcalibur6 napja
  • Nice bird shit 2:35

    Dong Woo ImDong Woo Im6 napja
  • THISSS!!!!

    Ryan McCarthyRyan McCarthy6 napja
  • 60K for that.....ugly thing ? People looking for Korean/ Japanese SUV would prefer Lexus .

    Ivo FixzoneIvo Fixzone6 napja
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    Ishak SetaIshak Seta6 napja
  • Doug’s reviews are always very thorough. The Doug Score segment is very helpful.

    Bob BenderBob Bender6 napja
  • This is the remote control car which Elon Musk will give to his child when he turns 3 year old.

    Raahim AbbasRaahim Abbas6 napja
  • Turn on rainy day? Not when you live in Northern Europe...

    Wenslauw van OsWenslauw van Os6 napja
  • I love the new steering wheel, you can now actually steer from the bottom and rest your hand where you cant in others.

    Gray BruerGray Bruer7 napja
  • I need that big dog 420 horse V8 in there.

    El MayimbeEl Mayimbe7 napja
  • Wow! Pretty good car. I like it

    Frequency 432Frequency 4327 napja